10 Holiday Packing Tips {Travel Infographic}

10 Holiday Packing Tips {Travel Infographic}

Post Last Modified – April 12, 2021

10 Holiday Packing Tips & Colorful Travel Infographic

For those of you who follow my blog, Im sure you know by now that I always enjoy reading and receiving colorful and informative travel infographics. Well, I just received this 10 Holiday Packing Tips infographic that I thought was worth posting and sharing with you!

There are some great tips here and a few that I have written travel tips posts on previously as well. From making a travel packing list, carry on luggage restrictions, to not forgetting things like travel adaptors when travelling abroad. Check out these ten helpful packing travel tips below.


Ten Helpful Tips When Packing For Your Holidays

packing tips

Photo by OVAN from Pexels

We all know how exciting it is when youre getting ready to go on holiday, whether its in six months time or two months away, or two days away!

No matter how organised you may think you are, packing has to be the most stressful part and lets face it, most of us are guilty for leaving it to the last minute. Make packing for your next trip easy by transforming some of your holiday packing methods.

The guys over at Panoramic Villas came up with 50 holiday packing tips for your next adventure we decided to pick out our top 10 from this list for you.

Read on to discover a bunch of helpful packing tips for your next adventure!

Travel List For Holidays

1.) Make A Packing Checklist

Making a checklist will ensure you dont forget anything no matter how small. This may be an obvious one but it should be one of the first things to do before starting your holiday packing.

Oversize Baggage

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2.) Pack 2 Days In Advance

Leaving your packing until the last minute is the worst thing you can do. As part of your travel checklist, write a diary note to at least start the packing process two days in advance.

carry on bag and passport

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3.) Beware Of Luggage Restrictions

Make sure you contact the airline or check their website for baggage restrictions to avoid any nasty surprises at the airport!

lady with luggage

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4.) Buy A Lightweight Suitcase

Size and weight are most important when suitcase shopping. Buying a suitcase which has metal protection is good for durability; however it will impact on your luggage allowance.

Running Shoes

Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

5.) Heavy Items Go First

Avoid damaging delicate or fragile items by packing the heaviest items (not including your towel) at the bottom of your suitcase. These types of items might be


Photo by Omar Markhieh from Pexels

6.) Carry Valuables In Hand Luggage

Luggage theft does still happen so its best to take precautions where possible. Packing your valuables (money, phone, keys, wallet) in your hand luggage rather than in your hold luggage means youll know where they are at all times.

Rolling Clothes

Photo by Francesco Paggiaro from Pexels

7.) Roll Clothes – Dont Fold Them

Not only does rolling your clothes (instead of folding them) save case space but it also prevents them from getting creased as well.

plastic bag clipart

8.) Wrap Shoes To Avoid Stains

Dirty shoes can be an issue when travelling both to and from your destination. Avoid any unwanted stains by using a disposable shower cap to cover your shoes. Plastic bags do the trick too!

We also wrap all our sunscreen and other lotions in ziplock bags, just in case of a spill!

locks for luggage

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9.) Invest In Case Locks

Keeping your luggage protected is one of the most important things when travelling. Case locks with a combination code are best, as long as you remember to make note of it or choose something you wont easily forget.

luggage on cart

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10.) Dont Forget The Adapters

Different countries have their own standard plug type, and although some plug types are interchangeable for several countries – double check! You might be able to grab one at the airport, however its never guaranteed and it will likely eat in to your spending money quite a bit.

happy dog

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Thats right – pets do like to come and sit in an empty suitcase to claim their territory or to simply remind you to pack them too. Yes they might look cute and they might just fit perfectly, however they will take up quite a bit of your weight allowance!

Infographic Courtesy of Panoramic Villas

50 Holiday Packing Tips For Your Next Adventure


Be sure to check out my posts on Best Travel Tips that Ive collected over the years from our experiences and from other seasoned travelers around the world. All to help make your travels more stress free and enjoyable!

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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