60 Great Travel Inspirations {Infographic}

60 Great Travel Inspirations {Infographic}

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60 Great Travel Inspirations & Ideas For Those Over 60

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I received an email recently with an invitation to display a colorful infographic on 60 Great Travel Inspirations focusing on us more mature travelers. I really enjoy receiving these colorful charts from others. They are wonderful to look at without having to do a lot of reading, informative and full of helpful tips and inspiration as well.

I absolutely love to travel and as a Baby Boomer reaching retirement age, I can’t wait to explore new destinations around the globe!

I hope you enjoy the chart below as much as have. It certainly has got my mind thinking about ideas for our next adventure! As one of my favorite sayings goes;

“Don’t Think About What They Say … Go See!”

60 after 60 Infographic


A Great Colorful Travel Inspiration Infographic


The colorful infographic above lists just a few exciting and unique travel inspirations to get you thinking. Try to think of something you have always wanted to see and / or do, and make it come true!

Start exploring the endless possibility’s for travel. For instance ..

cruises banner

How about taking advantage of an extending cruise vacation? There are some fabulous longer Repositioning Cruises around the globe that offer fantastic savings!

The Ghan

Have you considered a dream luxury holiday? Perhaps splurging on a luxury hotel room or like my wife and I did on our recent dream vacation to Australia. We enjoyed a 2 day luxury train trip in the Outback on the world famous Ghan Train.

Hoi An Eco Tourism Bike Tour

Are you the adventure type? Then perhaps stepping out of the box and taking an eco-adventure holiday?

As you can see, once you put your mind to it and start thinking about something out of the ordinary, especially when you are not restricted any longer by time, there’s so many wonderful and exciting beautiful sites and attractions out there to see and do!

Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

I am happy to present this collaborative guest post in the hopes of offering travel inspiration and helpful information to you as well.

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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