7 Most Popular India Travel Destinations To Visit

7 Most Popular India Travel Destinations To Visit

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7 Most Popular India Travel Destinations – From A Local

India is the land of a vast culture and colorful diversity with some very popular destinations in the country to travel to. For a visitor, this vibrant country has an array of delights to showcase. Be it the sweet and welcoming rural people or the charming and fun urban people, one simply cannot miss the greatness of this country!

Those who have been frequent travelers of India are aware of the most popular places to visit, but for a first-timer, its a little difficult to decide where to go, what to see and when to see it.

To make your first experience in India an enjoyable one, heres a look at a few of the most popular tourist destinations worth visiting.

Be sure to add India The Land of Dreams to your Travel Bucket List.

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Seven Beautiful Travel Destinations In India

Taj Mahal in Agra India


Popular India Travel Destinations #1

The architectural pride of India, this city houses the world-famous Taj Mahal. What more could you ask for? Not only is Agra well-known for this wondrous monument, it is also very popular for its other historical locations as well.

Capital of the Mughal Empire, Agra is also known for the many monuments scattered about the city. Be sure to check out my post and photos here on …. Taj Mahal Travel Tips. A few things we learned on our visit to this beautiful site a couple of seasons ago.

Be sure to stroll through the ruins of Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Fort. Observe the intricate carvings of the Tomb of Akbar along with the Jama Masjid, and the gardens of Paliwal Park.

The picturesque city of Agra simply put, is a haven for locals and tourists from all over the world, to see and experience the beauty of the Taj Mahal.


Popular India Travel Destinations #2

Hyderabad India

Known as the “City of Pearls” Hyderabad boasts of its jeweled heritage. Located in the Telangana part of the South of India, this capital city is famous for places like;

Meena Bazaar;
Golconda Fort;
Qutub Shahi Tomb;
Ramoji Film City.

Hyderabad boasts of a vast Nizam history, the roots of which are still embedded in everyday lifestyle. Tourists marvel at the historical points, while avid shoppers enjoy the captivating range of items in the Meena Bazaar.

If you havent visited Hyderabad during your trip to India, youve missed the sight of a beautiful city.


Popular India Travel Destinations #3


Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple Delhi India

The capital city of India has a distinct charm of its own. It is not only culturally diverse, but the most popular tourist destinations of Delhi are those of great importance and interest.

The picture above is of the Beautiful Lotus Temple. A stunning temple of the Bahai Faith, open to the public. My son and I had a chance to visit this temple and the beautiful grounds surrounding it, on our visit to Delhi.

It was such a relief to come to this very popular attraction, to escape the everyday noise and congestion of the city and just relax and unwind. Be sure to check out my detailed post and photos on the many sites and attractions we saw in New Delhi in 3 Days.

Swaminarayan Akshardham Complex

akshardham temple delhi india

The Akshardham Temple is a sight of greatness and a must visit for visitors to the city. The Swaminarayan Akshardham Complex is a spectacular Hindu Temple, Spiritual and Cultural campus in Delhi.

Red Fort

Red Fort New Delhi India

Delhi’s Historical Red Fort located in the heart of the city, was once home to Emperors of the powerful Mughal dynasty for almost 200 years.

A magnificent Fort that certainly was one of our attractions not to be missed when we were in Delhi. For a closer look of this amazing fortress, be sure to check out our Images Of The Red Fort.

A few other notable attractions in the city worth a visit time permitting include;

Jantar Mantar;
Iron Pillar;
Agrasen Ki Baoli;
Fatehpuri Masjid;


and the pride of the country known as … India Gate.
Popular India Travel Destinations

Photo by Asif Methar from Pexels

Have you ever heard about the history of Qutubuddin Aibak? If you have, then youll find the tall edifice known as Qutub Minar, right in Delhi itself.

Delhi is a city of great vivacity that will leave you enchanted, so grab a chance to visit whenever you get one!


Popular India Travel Destinations #4

Varanasi India

Perched upon the banks of the River Ganga (Ganges), Varanasi holds great religious importance. The Spiritual Capital of India is a city of numerous temples scattered all across its narrow lanes and chattering houses.

The elaborately woven silk cloth is a popular attraction and the beautifully designed carpets are a pride of this holy city.

Famous for the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi consists of various other destinations of interest such as;

Assi Ghat;
Ramnagar Fort;
Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary;
Sarnath Museum;
Nepali Mandir.


The cultural importance of this very Spiritual City is very well-known and is one of the most popular destinations for visitors and locals in all of India.


We spent 3 nights in Varanasi on our travels, and the experience is like no other you will ever come across ever!

From viewing the Ghats, attending and witnessing religious ceremonies and cremations, it was at times, overwhelming. I’ve written a couple of posts on our visit to Varanasi that you may wish to have a look at as well.

🚂   Varanasi Sunrise Boat Tour

📸   Images of Varanasi India


Popular India Travel Destinations #4

Mumbai India

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. It is the heart of the Hindi film industry and a location of pride for all Indians. Mumbai is also known as the – City of Joy.

Mumbai is the most populous city of India, with a population of well over 12 million people. The city is also the liveliest one of all. Not only does it house the famous Gateway, Mumbai also houses the tallest skyscraper of all of India.

Bandra - Worli Sea Link Bridge

The recently constructed Bandra-Worli sea link is an attraction that neither locals nor tourists can overlook. A massive 5600 meter span that connects Mumbai’s Bandra and Worli Districts.

If you love to explore a city after dark, then Mumbai is the place for you! Explore the many shopping districts and the huge mix of amazing restaurants throughout the city. A few other very popular tourist spots in the city just to name a few are;

Haji Ali Dargah;
Sanjay Gandhi National Park;
Elephanta Caves.


Popular India Travel Destinations #5

Goa India Beaches

Goa is the most sought after tourist destination of India for beach lovers. Travelers from all over the world come to enjoy the many beautiful beaches this region has to offer. Amazing sandy beaches lined with palm trees and warm crystal clear waters.

Famous for its Portuguese architecture and heritage, the beaches of Goa are fabulous!

I spent one week on the beaches of south Goa and loved it! I stayed at Colva Beach and then on to Palolem Beach, both were beautiful and very relaxing!

Panaji is the capital of this small state and it is a very well maintained one. Notabletourist spots around Goa include;

Bom Jesus Basilica;
Cabo De Rama.

Goa is famous for its Portuguese Heritage, bustling nightlife, theater, music and dance along with a variety of food delights.

You will never regret the days you spend in Beautiful and Colorful Goa!


Popular India Travel Destinations #6

Popular India Travel Destinations

Known as the Pink City, Jaipur is a culturally assorted one. With its organized streets and appealing surroundings, Jaipur is one of the prettiest cities of all of India. The Rajput heritage of the city is one you must witness.

Every year, the city hosts the Jaipur Literary Fest, where the most coveted authors of the world gather to celebrate literature. It is simply a book lovers paradise! Aside from that, the wonderfultourist destinations to include are the;

City Palace;
Hawa Mahal;
Ramnagh Palace;
Jaigarh Fort.

We also spent a few days in the Pink City and it was a bustling experience. We did get to enjoy a full day private city and country tour which was outstanding. Be sure to have a look at my review and photos on our Jaipur Private City Tour and what we experienced.


For a first-time traveler to India, the aforementioned destinations are a must visit due to their great diversity and cultural importance. Your time in India should be a memorable one and these locations will only increase the possibility of the same.

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