African Photo Safaris in Aboseli National Park & Timbavati Reserve

African Photo Safaris in Aboseli National Park & Timbavati Reserve

There is very little in this world that captures my attention like photographing African wildlife. Ive joked with my friends that I am addicted, but I only half jest.

When Im in the African bush, I feel totally at ease and fully present. When I am away, theres always a nagging desire to return.

Not too long ago I indulged my habit in both the Timbavati Game Reserve of South Africa and Kenyas Amboseli National Park two very different, but equally stunning locations during a two-week African photo safari.

Timbavati is known for its leopards and dense, rugged terrain, while in Amboseli, elephants are the heroes along with its wide-open plains and lush marshes.

Combined together in one epic journey, I experienced an unforgettable adventure that did nothing to quell my love of African wildlife. Instead, my African photo safaris only fueled the fire

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Rockfig Jr.named for the tree under which her mother was bornis an extraordinary leopard with aquamarine eyes. We came upon her after she fed on an impala, relaxing in the grass before digging in again. ~ Timbavati Game Reserve

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African safari animals -two zebras joust

Two zebras joust: A playful interaction I saw almost daily during my visit. ~ Amboseli National Park

safari photo - Magnificent bull elephant

A magnificent bull elephant with impressive tusks. This handsome devil Im pretty sure had modeled before. He stayed near our vehicle and provided us with a variety of wonderful poses. ~ Timbavati Game Reserve

photo safari - Two male buffalos

Two male buffalos horn-wrestle in slow motion. Whether it was a true quest for dominance or simply a way to cut the boredom Ill never know, but they fought for nearly an hour. ~ Timbavati Game Reserve

African photo safaris - Vulture in flight

Vultures are far from beautiful in my opinion, but its amazing how you can find something to love in everything. In flight, a vulture is quite elegant. I loved the curve of his body as he flew from one limb to the other. ~ Amboseli National Park

Africa photography safari - Large herd of elephants

Its early morning and a large herd of elephants walks toward a marsh in the distance. Their sheer size and number contrasted against the simplicity of the landscape had me spellbound. ~ Amboseli National Park

photo safari africa - Male lion

One of four lions in a coalition, this male continued to eat his fill of a buffalo carcass while his companions lounged lazily in the grass nearby. ~ Timbavati Game Reserve

photo african safari - Bee-eater

A colorful little bee-eater bird gobbles up a dragonfly for a midday snack. ~ Timbavati Game Reserve

africa photo safari - Rhino in the bush

Though I have many photos of rhinos out in the open, I felt this image best captured their timid personality and their preference for thickets. For such big, prehistoric-looking creatures, their elusive nature seems at odds with their powerful physique. ~ Timbavati Game Reserve

africa photo safaris - Baby & Mama Baboons

A baby baboon that was fascinated by us inspired an equally curious adult to check out our jeep. ~ Amboseli National Park

african photography safaris - Baby & Mama Elephant

Everyone needs a little love and affection. This baby elephant takes a break from grazing to lean on his mothers leg for a little comfort. Her response? A little lean back. ~ Amboseli National Park

Mount Kilimanjaro at Twilight

Mount Kilimanjaro teased us with a glimpse of its majestic heights at twilight one evening. For the rest of our visit, unfortunately, it was shrouded in clouds. ~ Amboseli National Park

Big Tusker Bull Elephant

Seeing a Big Tusker like this one in the foreground is a rarity nowadays day due to the rise in poaching. I felt privileged to view such a magnificent creature, and I hope he has many years ahead of him. ~ Amboseli National Park

Hungry Hyena

The realities of life. Part of an impala face hangs from the lips of a hungry hyena one of many in a pack that stole a kill from an unlucky leopard. ~ Timbavati Game Reserve


The predator awaits Ok, maybe thats a bit dramatic. While lions do hunt using the element of surprise, this lovely female was actually gnawing on an impala kill hidden by the grass. ~ Timbavati Game Reserve

Hyena Pups

A morning romp with the kids. Hyena pups are some of the cutest babies on the planet. ~ Timbavati Game Reserve

Juvenile Elephants

Two juvenile elephants enjoy a moment of play. ~ Amboseli National Park

Herd of Elephants after the Rain

An epic sky after a light rain made for an unbelievable backdrop of intense and moody colors. Add a herd of elephants, and the tableau looks as if it was brought to life from a painting. ~ Amboseli National Park

Scattered Animal Bones

Scattered bones litter the dried and cracked remains of Lake Amboseli. ~ Amboseli National Park

Two Elephant Cows Dusting

Two elephant cows dust themselves with soil to protect themselves from biting insects and the harsh rays of the sun. ~ Amboseli NationalPark

Milky Way over South Africa

An ethereal Milky Way over South Africa is juxtaposed to a fabulous (though very Tim Burton-esque) tree in the foreground. ~ Timbavati Game Reserve text and photos by Susan Portnoy

BIO: Susan Portnoy is acommunications and public relations consultant who shares her adventures as The Insatiable Traveler. If you love eye-catching nature/wildlife photography, youll definitely want tofollow her journeys on Facebook and Twitter.)

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