Attractions In Kingston Jamaica {Top Rated}

Attractions In Kingston Jamaica {Top Rated}

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Attractions In Kingston Jamaica – A Spotlight On Kingston

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Having enjoyed a number of outstanding Caribbean Cruises over the past years, along with some resort land holidays to some wonderful Caribbean Islands, surprisingly, we are still yet to visit Jamaica.

I’ve always wanted to visit this popular island and perhaps with a little more inspiration, such as this excellent guest post written below, we may just have to visit this upcoming winter season.

Kingston sounds amazing, with so much to see and do as the writer suggests below!

Let’s get started by taking a look at this well prepared short Jamaica Tourism video. Don’t forget to turn your speakers on. 📢 

Jamaica Heartbeat of the World – YouTube Video



Resting on the south eastern edge of the island, Kingston proudly calls itself the Capital and major port city of Jamaica.

Sandwiched between the Blue Mountains, crystal clear ocean and the Palisadoes (a thin tombolo of sand that serves as a natural protection for Kingston Harbour), Kingston is the center of natural beauty and bright diversity.

Established in 1692, Kingston has over three hundred years of history which shows in its architecture, infrastructure, and its culture.

From museums, festivals, to the exceptional fresh and local coffee, Kingston has something for every traveler.


Attractions In Kingston Jamaica #1

bob marley museum

To first acclimate yourself to Jamaica, two must-dos are the National Gallery and the Bob Marley Museum. For those of us that grew up with Bob Marley, seeing so much memorabilia and memories here is marvelous.

The museum has the claim to fame of being Marleys house and recording studio until his dying day. The building itself has been preserved so well, the bullet holes from the attempted murder remain.

So, scoot on over to the museum where youll be escorted on a tour of the museum and residence. It is sure to please!

National Gallery Jamaica

The second Museum that you cannot miss out on is the National Gallery of Jamaica. The museum will walk you through the history of Jamaica through its artists over the years.

Start with the Taino Indian art to get a glimpse into the life of those who first inhabited the island. The museum will continue to walk you through colonialism, pirating, all the way up to modern artists.

This will give you a taste of where the country has come from and how it has changed and developed over the years.

Devon House

Attractions In Kingston Jamaica #2

devon house

One thing you will see is spotlights on immense wealth in Jamaica. The first black millionaire George Stiebel, built the Devon House to showcase his class and money.

Today, you can tour the mansion and gardens, enjoy the restaurants and partake in the the most delectable ice cream found on the island.

For those intrigued by classic Jamaican architecture, this should be your first stop in Kingston!

Port Royal

Attractions In Kingston Jamaica #3

port royal

If you have dared to venture to Port Royal, then you are truly in for an adventurous treat. Once called the richest and wickedest city in the world, Port Royal has its unique claim to fame.

Sir Henry Morgan, perhaps known to you as Captain Morgan, outfitted and centered his 🏴 Pirate Ships from here.

Having gained quite the reputation over the years, it was said to be God who wiped out Port Royal with an earthquake in 1692, spurring the growth of Kingston.

Sir Henry Morgan

So, explore this nearby port town – or whats left of the history – to get a taste of the pirate life on the island. These can be found in Fort Charles, Fort Rocky, and Saint Peters Church.

Lime Cay Jamaica

If you have a weekday to get away, take a boat over Lime Cay for some island and beach enjoyment. Camping is available here but be prepared, as you are truly separated from the mainland.

The Food

Attractions In Kingston Jamaica #4

Jamaican Food

Kingston couldnt be the Capital of Jamaica without being the central hub of Jamaican food. Every restaurant will have exceptional coffee and rum, which is no surprise here. But, be sure to try a few of the local favorites as well.

The varieties of seafood will surely lure you in. Whether its the national dish of ackee and saltfish, or you may want to experience the spicy Escoveitch fish.

Curried meats will be quite popular all around Kingston, which go down quite well with a Bammy Cake. These are a few inches round and made from seasoned cassava.

Refreshing beverages if youre avoiding caffeine and alcohol will include juices, coconut water, and a few types of tamarind drinks. Each of these dishes and delicacies bring out a different and unique part of Kingston culture.

Beaches in Jamaica

Some of the favorite restaurants around town are Moby Dick and Triple Ts. These both serve Jamaican food that you can take down with your local Red Stripe beer. If youre hoping for some jerk in your step, head to Andys or Sweetwood Jerk.

Red Stripe Beer

The spice and spunk here will knock your socks off!

For a more laid back bar feel and a place for an evening drink, head on over to Red Bones Blues Cafe.

For the vegetarians among us, Mi Hungry is the place to be. The chefs have cultivated a menu to dazzle all taste buds – without using meat. So, whatever food youre hunting for, theres a stellar establishment just waiting to serve you.

If its truly the coffee that has brought you to Kingston, make sure to stop by JABLUM, the Blue Mountain coffee factory. Widely regarded as the most excellent coffee in the world, you can see how it is picked, roasted and prepared.

Enjoy Jamaican coffee what is said to be – spectacular!

jamaica flag

I hope all of these attractions have piqued your interest to explore Kingston just a smidgen. A few things to note, however. Unfortunately, Jamaica is ranked as one of the most homophobic countries in the world still today, so be aware of that as you travel.

However, there are plenty of upscale and reputable hotels in downtown for all to enjoy.

Jamaica Travel

You will be stepping into a brilliantly beautiful world when you arrive in Kingston, so get ready to take it on in full force!

Final Thoughts Banner

For more detailed information on travel to Jamaica, Ive included a link to an excellent Jamaica travel website below for your convenience.

Here, you can access much more detailed information for planning that your vacation.

Jamaica Logo

Visit Jamaica

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