Beautiful Sand Free Beach Towels {Tesalate}

Beautiful Sand Free Beach Towels {Tesalate}

Post Last Modified – January 22, 2021

Outstanding Sand Free Beach Towels Made In Australia

I simply love traveling to exotic and new tropical destinations. Like many other travelers, we have always struggled with having to cart around wet, heavy, sandy beach towels after spending the day in and around the water.

Is it possible that sand free beach towels actually exist, and are lightweight with colorful cool designs as well? It certainlyappears so, and there’sa company from Australia selling them called Tesalate, and they’re selling them worldwide like hotcakes!

Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towels

tesalate beach towels australia

My wife discovered these innovative towels online and said we just had to try them out. After years of dragging around wet, bulky, sandy beach towels forever, I had to have a closer look. I was so impressedwith Tesalates great looking website, their story and their amazing product line, I had to contact them! It was great to see they offer free shipping worldwide as well.

Wejust returned from an amazing beach vacation to Cuba. So once again, having todrag wet, sandy beach towels around with us whileon oursnorkeling, diving and beach excursions, I was all game to give these sand free beach towels a go!

With our upcoming journey to the Philippines in January 2019 and spending most of our one month stay enjoying their beaches and water sports, the timing was perfect!

Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towels Claim To Fame

Sand Free Beach Towel Acapulco Design

The founders at Tesalate used advanced textile technology creating their own AbsorbLite microfiber that simply outdoes competitors in the marketplace, offering a beach towel like no other.


Our exclusive AbsorbLite microfiber (80% polyester + 20% polyamide) has been specifically engineered to create a towel that makes your beach days more awesome than before. Tesalate

Sand Free – Absorbent – Rapid Dry – Compact and Lightweight

Acapulco Sand Free Beach Towel

Sand Free

Using their advanced microfibre technology, sand that normally sticks to regular beach towels, simply slips off these towels like magic. No more dragging half the sand from the beach back home or back inside your hotel room making a mess everywhere!


Tesalate towels are super absorbent, getting you dry quickly and easily. In fact, these towels will absorb up to a litre of water!Their towels willsoak upthe water on your body super fast!

Tesalatetowels are also designed to dry in half the time that of a regular beach towel. This makesthemsuperb for travel!

Cali Sunset by Tesalate

Compact And Lightweight

Say goodbye to carting around those heavy, sand filled towels. These state of the art beach towels are very light and will easily roll into a small size to fit to fit into your beach bag.

Their full size beach towel measures; 160cm x 80cm / 63 x 31 inches.

Tesalate Beach Towels Sold WorldWide

Cali Sunset Sand Free Beach Towel

These revolutionary beach towels have become a huge hit worldwide in just a few years. They have sold and shipped over fifty thousand of their sand free beach towels to over 130 countries. Very impressive in such a short time!

You can order online safely and securely with their Free Shipping – Returns Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply ship your purchaseback at their expense. You can read more about Tesalates return policy on their website.

Choose from a variety of beautifully designed towels listed on their website. We had a very difficult time choosing two, as they all looked amazing! Below, Ive included a link to their official website for your convenience to check them out for yourself.

Tesalate Brand Logo

🌅   Tesalate Worldwide


Stay tuned for updates on our personal experience using these sand free beach towels for the first time while traveling throughout the islands in the Philippines in February 2019. A Big Thanks to Tesalate for providing two of their beautiful beach towels to take along on our upcoming travels to the Philippines.

Of course, all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.


We just received delivery at our door! They arrived in Canada from Australia in less than 2 weeks, even with our Canada Postal Dispute taking place. The towels looks absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to try them out on our upcoming travels to the Philippines next month.

Tesalate Beach Towels with Pouch

Update March 2019:

We just returned from an outstanding beach vacation to the Philippines. Our Tesalate Beach towels were absolutely amazing! They certainly met or exceeded our expectations and their claims. The towels were so convenient on our water and beach excursions. No more heavy sand soaked towels to carry around!

Tesalate Beach Towels

Sand easily fell off the wet towels with a few shakes and dried in no time at all. They took up little room in our day packs and kept us warm and dry after swimming and snorkeling on our boat excursions.



These towels are a great addition to our travel accessories when embarking on tropical beach vacations and to use at home as well at our local beaches and lakes.

Update 2020

Sand Free Beach Towels

We never forget packing our Tesalate Beach Towels when taking a beach vacation. They are lightweight, compact and ideal for packing to the beach and on excursions!

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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