Big Island Ghost Tours {Big Island Of Hawaii}

Big Island Ghost Tours {Big Island Of Hawaii}

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A Supernatural Experience With Big Island Ghost Tours

On our very first visit to the Big Island of Hawaii a few seasons ago, my wife and I had the pleasure of taking part in a very unique and most unusual walking experience with 👻 Big Island Ghost Tours.

Were always on the lookout for exciting and unique tours when traveling that have you stepping outside of the box, and this tour definitely does!

Be prepared for a 🔦 haunting experience!

Hawaiis Haunted and Supernatural

Ghostbusters logo

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood,
Who you gonna call?

If there’s something weird and it don’t look good,
Who you gonna call?

I ain’t afraid of no ghost.
I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Who you gonna call?

Big Island Ghost Tours, Thats Who!

Hilo After Dark With Big Island Ghost Tours

Hawaii Ghost Tours

We decided on the Hilo After Dark Tour as we were spending a portion of our time on this side of the island.

The night of our tour, it was dark and ☁ overcast, adding to the mystery and fascination of this unique 🚶 walking tour.

Legend has it that the 🏝 Hawaiian Islands and in particular the Big Island, are very well known globally for their supernatural circumstances.

Hawaiians of old were believed to be very spiritual and superstitious, adding to the intrigue and mystery surrounding the Hawaiian Islands today.

Big Island Ghost Tours offers guided tours to some of Hawaii’s most supernatural sites for visitors to experience and learn about the ancient Hawaiian connection to the supernatural & the afterlife. We specialize in Hawaii’s haunted & supernatural, both past and present.


Big Island Hilo After Dark Tour Experience

Big Island Ghost Tours Group

After gathering at a predetermined location and meeting with our guide for the night, we were then instructed to download some very peculiar and ghostly apps onto our 📱 phones.

When everyone was done, we were then on our way!

Liliuokalani Gardens Hilo Hawaii

Our first destination had us entering Liliuokalani Park and 💐 Japanese Gardens in the pitch dark!

Our guide filled us in on the history of this very mysterious and historical park down by Hilo Bay, which is also located next to enchanted 🥥 Coconut Island.

Liliuokalani Gardens Monument Hilo Hawaii

Be prepared for your 📱 cell phone apps to light up and make some positive and mysterious readings, as you walk through the park and around its historic monuments.

Banyan Tree Drive

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth Banyan Tree Sign Post

Dating back to 1933, the Hilo Parks commission began having celebrities and other influential individuals who, when visiting the island, would have the distinct honor of planting one of these beautiful trees.

A distinct plaque in their name, was also placed alongside the tree.

Big Island Ghost Tours Host

As we made our way down the street and walking alongside these now fully mature Banyan Trees, our informative guide explained the history of these Banyans and their legendary significance to many believers of the supernatural on the island.

Apparently, there are things you simply Must Not Do when 🚶 walking among these tall timbers!

I did note some more popular names on the placards such as; Babe Ruth and Emilia Earhart, Richard Nixon and many more.

Emilia Earhart

Amelia Earhart Banyan Tree Sign

Continuing to make our way down Banyan Drive, our guide explained some of the unusual occurrences and unnatural appearances that have occurred over the years, in a few of the older 🏢 historic buildings on this once very popular street in Hilo.

Coconut Island (Mokuola)

Coconut Island Hilo Hawaii

Located in Hilo Bay and just steps from Liliuokalani Park, this ancient island is filled with mystery, ancient spiritual beliefs and so much more.

Once known as the healing island, it was frequented by many to rid themselves of their sins and illnesses among other things.

It was the site of an Ancient Temple which was dedicated solely to healing.

Nightmarchers or Hukai’po

Big Island Ghost Tours Ghost Eyes

Throughout the islands of Hawaii, legend tells a story of the ghostly apparitions of a band of beings or warrior spirits that roam about, and have been seen guarding the bridge leading across to Coconut Island here in Hilo.

Our guide made it clear to us that this ghostly procession must never be interrupted and you also must never make 👀 eye contact with them, or you may succumb to their powers!

You many never know who’s looking at you!

Final Thoughts Banner

The Big Island of Hawaii is filled with enchantment and mystery. It is also known to be the most haunted of all the Hawaiian Islands.

So be prepared for 🌴 Hilo After Dark and dare to take this historical and often spooky walk into the still of the night!

Select History & Mystery Tours

Big Island Ghost Tours Logo

Theres a number of enlightening tours to choose from on both sides of the Big Island. Select from their;

Hilo After Dark – Hilo Town Haunts – Kona Haunted Hele – Kona History Walk – Hawaii Island Vortex Tour


Below, I have listed the official website to Big Island Ghost Tours for your convenience, where you can access much more detailed information.


👻   Island Ghost Tours

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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Although our tour was in collaboration with Big Island Ghost Tours, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.
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“All Beaches In The Islands Of Hawaii Are Designated As Public.”


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