Bike Riding Over 60 {Health Benefits}

Bike Riding Over 60 {Health Benefits}

Bike Riding Over 60 {Health Benefits}

Biking Over 60
Post Last Modified – February 27, 2023

The Benefits Of Bike Riding For Seniors Over 60

With the introduction of the ebike {Electric Bike} in recent years, Bike Riding Over 60 has certainly taken off as a result.

Many of us over 60 years of age who hadnt considered bike riding for a variety of reasons, can now easily enjoy the health benefits that come with this activity.

Enjoying the outdoors, getting fresh air and exercise, are just a few of the many benefits associated with bike riding.

Benefits of Cycling Over 60

Biking in Melbourne, Australia

Biking Over 60
One of the things my wife and I love to do when traveling to new destinations, is to take an eco-friendly guided bike tour.

Im not talking rugged mountain biking tours, but leisurely guided tours meant for individuals of all fitness levels.

Weve enjoyed some fabulous bike tours in; Australia, Vietnam and India to name a few. All were superb easy bike riding tours.

Getting out in the fresh air, biking in places where a vehicle is not capable of reaching and getting exercise at the same time, is outstanding.

Bike Riding In Mexico

📸 Photo above is our daughter enjoying an eco-friendly bike ride in Tulum, Mexico.

Eco friendly bike tours of all kinds, have taken off big time all over the world in recent years. This, because of the change to {🍃 Green} and being more conscious of our environment.

Particularly for us {Baby Boomers and Retirees}, who want to live a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefits Of Biking Over 60

Real Melbourne Bike Tours Group
Bike riding is considered a {low impact} exercise and is perfect for us with arthritis and joint issues. Swimming is also a terrific low impact form of exercise.

Health professionals do recommend bike riding for seniors, as it definitely will help promote overall leg strength and increased balance. Maintaining muscle strength as we age is so important!

Many seniors suffer from; falls and imbalance, due to poor muscle strength.

Biking in Delhi, India

Biking In Delhi India

Just a few of the benefits of associated with biking include;

Builds Muscle Strength & Stamina;

Burns Calories;

Improves Overall Well-Being;

Boosts Immunity;

Exercise Slows Aging;

Biking in Vietnam

Hoi An Eco Tourism Bike Tour
Bike riding is just one low impact exercise I enjoy doing in the warm weather months, here at home in British Columbia, Canada.

Having endured a number of sports and work related injuries over the years, keeping healthy and active is crucial, especially in my senior years.

Final Thoughts Banner

I havent crossed over yet and still use a regular bike. I wave as ebiker’s zoom by me, leaving me in their dust.

Its great to get outdoors in the fresh air and go for a bike ride!

Biking in Hong Kong

Biking In Hong Kong

This season, why not rent a bike, go on a bike tour or join a bike club and get out there and enjoy Bike Riding Over 60!

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Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“Pedal-assist electric bicycles are the most popular e-bikes.”
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