Book Reviews & Recommendations – Gr8 Travel Tips

Book Reviews & Recommendations – Gr8 Travel Tips

Post Last Modified โ€“ April 20, 2022

Book Reviews & Recommendations โ€“ Outstanding Authors

Many of us unfortunately have not been able to travel these last few years, due to the horrific ๐ŸŒŽ global pandemic.

Because I do enjoy reading a good ๐Ÿ“– book and also wanting to keep my blog fresh and up to date, I decided to start adding a โ€“ ๐Ÿ“š Book Reviews & Recommendations segment.

Ive had a great time interacting with authors online and having their publications ๐Ÿ“ฎ sent to me to read and review.

Its been outstanding so far and the ๐Ÿ“˜ books Ive read are terrific.

Below is a list of publications Ive enjoyed reading so far, with โ›“ links to my full review on each.

Authors Banner

As well, my review will include the authors bio and information where you can purchase their books online, safely and securely.

I hope you support these wonderful independent authors and enjoy reading their books as much as I have.

Book Reviews โ€“ Recommended Readings

Boomers In Mexico {Travel Book}

Boomers In Mexico

Boomers In Mexico โ€“ The Fun Side Of The Wall

Greece The Dance of The Seas {Travel Book}

Greece - The Dance of The Seas Publication

Greece The Dance of The Seas

The Freedom Project โ€“ Travel {Travel Book}

The Freedom Project - Travel

The Freedom Project โ€“ Travel

Camel Spit & Cork Trees โ€“ {Travel Book}

Camel Spit & Cork Trees

Camel Spit & Cork Trees

She Seduced Me โ€“ A Love Affair With Rome {Travel Book}

She Seduced Me  A Love Affair with Rome

She Seduced Me โ€“ A Love Affair With Rome

The Banana Road โ€“ Itโ€™s Tenerife But Not As You Know It {Travel Book}

The Banana Road Cover

The Banana Road

The Optimal Dose {Health & Wellness Book}

The Optimal Dose Book Cover

The Optimal Dose

Kilimanjaro Millennial Style | The Mountain We Climbed {Travel Book}

Kilimanjaro Millennial Style

Kilimanjaro Millennial Style

Walking In Circles {Travel Book}

Walking In Circles Book Cover

Walking In Circles

Cruising Past Seventy {Travel Book}

Cruising Past 70 Book Cover

Cruising Past Seventy

Looking For Normal {Lifestyle}

Looking For Normal

Looking For Normal

Murder Times Six {Lifestyle โ€“ Non Fiction}

Murder Times Six

Murder Times Six

2 Very Rare Bears {Childrenโ€™s Travel Book}

2 Very Rare Bears Book Cover

2 Very Rare Bears

Safe Travels and Happy Reading!

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