Bridgespotting {Book Review} Author Bob Dover

Bridgespotting {Book Review} Author Bob Dover

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Bridgespotting – Connecting People, Places & Times

As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Wellness Blogger and avid reader, Ive included a book review segment to my blog. My most recent read is the featured author’s latest publication called; Bridgespotting {Connecting People, Places & Times.}

First off, if youre not quite familiar with the term Baby Boomers, then be sure to check out my introduction here on my – Gr8 Travel Tips Homepage. It gives a fun detailed description on just who we; Millions of Boomers Around the World are.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to read and to offer a personal review of this new publication from the books author – Bob Dover.

About The Author Of – Bridgespotting

Bob Dover Author Bridgespotting

Bob Dover is a professional geologist with degrees from Beloit College and the University of North Carolina.

He has 36 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry. His primary geologic interest is the role of geology and topography, in influencing human settlement patterns, architecture, and historical events.

From 2013 to 2022, he visited and photographed more than 600 walkable bridges throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, observing the people and documenting how they used each bridge.

Bridgespotting In London England

In doing so, he found that bridges represent a unique intersection of his geologic interest, along with his other interests in; biking and photography of landscapes and cityscapes.

He is a contributor of bridge photos and documentation to the – website.

Bridgespotting – Connecting People, Places & Times

Landmark Bridges – Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco, California

Golden Gate Bridgespotting

I was so delighted to receive and read Bobs book, which really got me thinking about all the bridges weve visited over the years, around the world.

Sadly, many of the bridges Ive seen, photographed and stepped on, I never gave a second thought to. That is, until reading – Bridgespotting.

Historic Bridges – Kanchana Buri {The Bridge Over The River Kwai}

Kanchana Buri Postcard

It sparked my curiosity and I began searching for old photographs and postcards of some of the bridges weve visited over the years, and looking to see if any were in this publication.

Low and behold, yes there was, and it was so interesting to read about these bridges that Ive visited. To actually learn about the history behind each, in Bob’s book.

Landmark Bridges – Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Historic Brooklyn Bridge New York City

The photos of bridges included here with my {Gr8 Travel Tips logo} attached, are some of these bridges. It was so neat to find them in my photo archives, to look back and reminisce.

Brooklyn Bridge Walkway

This time, taking a much closer look at them, and eager to read about the history of many.

Converted Bridges – High Line, New York City

High Line NYC

Bobs book is an incredible and detailed collection of bridges, hes actually visited throughout the United States, Canada and Europe over the years.

High Line New York City

Want to know all about the history of the High Line in NYC? You can read all about it in – Bridgespotting!

In fact, youll find documentation on 600 bridges he has personally viewed and researched on.

Landmark Bridges – Tower Bridge London, England

Bridgespotting Tower Bridge London England

I captured the above photo of the Tower Bridge, while riding in our Tour Bus in the city.

I knew absolutely knew nothing of the history of this landmark structure until reading all about it in great detail, in this publication.

If you love history and especially historical sites including bridges, you will absolutely love reading and discovering new places with extraordinary bridges to visit and view in these countries.

Community Bridges – The Ponte 25 de Abril Lisbon, Portugal

Bridgespotting Lisbon Portugal Bridge

It may even spark your interest once again, and have you searching your archives for photographs like I have. Ones that youve taken over the years of bridges, and never really gave a second thought to.

A Complete Travel Guide To Bridges

Historic Bridges – Knaresborough Castle Yorkshire, England

Knaresborough Castle Bridgespotting

The rail bridge at Knaresborough originally built in 1848 and rebuilt in 1851. The photo was recently taken from a friend visiting the gardens at Knaresborough Castle in Yorkshire, England.

Bob has spent a number of years compiling an extensive list of bridges both historic and newer in age.

His book provides detailed descriptions and the reasons why many are listed as – Tourist Bridges and others in distinct categories.

Rail Bridges – Kettle Valley Railway Summerland, British Columbia

Kettle Valley Railway Bridgespotting

Did you know that there are bridges labelled as;

Tourist Bridges .. Landmark Bridges .. Historic Bridges .. Community Bridges .. Decorative Bridges

And so many more?

Well, yes there is and this 📖 book will outline the reasons why they are named accordingly, their history behind each and their significance as to where they are located.

Final Thoughts Banner

Bob has done a remarkable job in researching some of the more world renowned bridges and hidden gems, not so well known to many.

Recreational Bridge – Bungee Bridge Whistler BC, Canada

Bungee Bridgespotting Whistler BC

This book has certainly opened my eyes, having me now taking a much closer look at the many bridges I may come across in the future.

Every bridge has a story to tell and Bob has compiled a collection of remarkable bridges, that offer a much deeper detailed look at their history.

Tourist Suspension Bridge – Bohol, Philippines

Bohol Philippines Suspension Bridge

This is a great read and an excellent resource to refer to, especially when visiting areas with the bridges listed in this publication.

It certainly has me more intrigued and I know you will be as well. Im definitely looking forward to – Bridgespotting Part 2.

For more information, Ive listed a link to the author’s official website below, and where you can purchase the book safely and securely via Amazon.

Author Robert Dover

Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although my book was provided in collaboration with its author, rest assured all content and opinions are mine and reflect my personal experience only.

Did You Know

“The Arkadiko Bridge In Greece, Is Known To Be The Oldest Existing Bridge In The World.”
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