Canada Architecture {6 Notable Structures}

Canada Architecture {6 Notable Structures}

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Canada Architecture – Six Notable Architectural Structures

Enjoying architectural masterpieces can never be boring, as it is the biggest and the most complex form of artistic expression, and the result of hard work of a great number of people.

Here is the guide to six most significant architectural wonders of Canada. Follow and enjoy your time.


Canada Architecture

Chateau Frontenac



This luxurious hotel in Quebec was built in 1893 and the designer was inspired by the French castles and cathedrals of Renaissance times. Now it defines the looks of the whole Quebec, having thick foliage and several towers.

Visiting and walking the floors, you will feel closer to all the celebrated guests that Chateau Frontenac had in years of its existence;

The Chateau Frontenac is a great place to visit and stay while in Quebec City in Canada. As well,experience the finest dining in the city at this hotel with a menu composed by Chef Jean Soulard.

CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario

canada cn tower



Since the day it was finally finished in 1976, the CN Tower is a landmark on the Toronto skyline and the biggest tourist destination in the city. With a height of 553 meters (which is about 1814 feet), it is the largest tower in Canada.

Constructed by the Canadian National Railway, it was later sold to the Canada Lands Company, and now it is used as a communication tower that broadcasts the CBC and Rogers Communications throughout Canada.

If you are interested in visiting the tower, make sure you make a reservation and enjoy dinner at the luxurious restaurant located high on the Tower 360. It is situated at a height of 351 meters (1152ft), and is revolves slowly around the tower, offering its guests a magnificent view of Toronto and suburbs.

Calgary Plus 15 Walkways

Calgary Plus 15 Walkways


The true architectural wonder Plus 15 system is a series of walkways that connect almost all the buildings at the Calgarys metropolitan center. It consists of 57 suspended walkways that provide pedestrians a protected indoor walkway, which provides relief from extreme winter weather conditions common for this part of Canada in the winter.

The average length of the Plus 15 system is about 16 kilometers (10 miles). The system is now an integral part of a city culture and it even inspires local artists.




The historic military complex the Halifax Citadel is a reminder of citys great naval past. Built in 1856, this classical fortification was aimed at defending the city from any assaults from land and sea. Now the fort is open to visitors as a National Historic Site, and here they can find remnants from its military past, such as; trenches and ramparts, shooting ranges and military towers.

When planning a visit to Halifax Citadel, try to attend when the Regimental Association re-enacts some of the historical activities of the Citadel. Activities including military music concerts and much more!

Montreal’s Olympic Stadium

montreal olympic stadium


Being known all over the world for its innovative design proposed by French architect Roger Taillibert, Montreals Olympic Stadium is a true modern architectural wonder. Built for the Summer Olympics of 1976, the structure wasnt completely finished until 1988.

Although no longer home to the cities Major League Baseball team, Montreals Olympic Stadium is still a host for numerous sports events and trade shows. In fact, in 2008 it did host a Canadian Football League Grey Cup Championship game.

Habitat 67 Montreal Canada

Habitat 67 Montreal Canada


Habitat 67 is in fact an innovative residence containing 148 condominiums. Constructed for Montreals Expo 67 to show modern urban living. It was designed by the famous local Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie.

It was commended for its unique and unusual design which contained 354 cubic structures and green space in each of them. An architects masters thesis project, Habitat 67 (or simply Habitat) is now one of the most significant and recognizable buildings in Montreal and Canada!


Below, I’ve also included a link to the Travel + Leisure website. I’ve directed the link to their page on; Why Every Architecture Lover Should Go to Canada. A look at some more of Canada’s beautiful architecture!

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