City Break Tips {Planning Your Next Adventure}

City Break Tips {Planning Your Next Adventure}

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Seven City Break Tips For Planning A Get-A-Way

Whether its a last minute break or a well-planned vacation using your holiday allowance, a City Break is a great way to see some of the classic cities of the world.

Below, check out this featured guest 📝 post on a few City Break Tips For Planning a great get-a-way!

Making a City Break Work Best For You.

What City Have You Always Wanted To Visit

City Break Tips For Planning #1

Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace Bangkok

You’re not going to be able to fit everything in, so do some research and choose the places you really want to see, before you go.

Find out where they are, whether they are easy to get to on public transport, and the best times to visit.

Plan out an itinerary, even if you really dont like the idea of a 📅 timetable. You can at least plan in a few essential Must-Sees, and then fit in the rest of your city break around those.

Be Sure To Check Opening Times and Exhibitions

City Break Tips For Planning #2

The Louvre Pyramid

The Louvre Pyramid

This is vital in countries such as Italy or Spain, where many of the citys attractions and top museums are closed on Mondays.

This includes if you have plans to visit famous 🖼 art galleries, to see a specific collections. Galleries loan famous works to each other frequently.

For example;

👸 The Girl with the Pearl Earring was on a tour around America and Europe a few years back, so if you wanted to see it in its usual home in Amsterdam, you would have been very disappointed!

Book your entry 🎟 tickets in advance, so you wont have to waste your time waiting in queues for popular attractions, like The Louvre or the Vatican ⛪ Museums.

Plan to arrive very early, to avoid the huge 🚌 bus-loads of tours!

Most major tourist attractions allow you to book 🖥 online these days, and many with added discounts as well.

Tips For Travel On A Strict Budget

City Break Tips For Planning #3

Mexico Currency

For many years now, getting local 💶 currency for your destination is easiest by way of 🏧 ATM’s. They are everywhere now and in most cases, will give you the best exchange rates as well.

We only use 💳 credit cards when traveling when we absolutely have to. This, to avoid the added fees credit card companies hit you with!

As well, be sure to check with your local 🏦 bank before leaving home. Many major institutions have reciprocal agreements with other foreign banks.

If so, there’s no fee for using the 🏧 ATM with a partner bank, which is great!

Air India Airplane

Travel Mid-Week

Another tip is to plan your trip midweek if possible if traveling by ✈ air, to take advantage of cheaper flights and better 🛌 room rates as well.

Be sure to check out my post here on The Best Day And Time To Buy Airline Tickets. Yes, there are better times of the day and days of the week to book your flights!

If you are traveling to Spain for example, many 🥧 eateries in Barcelona and Madrid offer fixed-price weekday lunch menus at a great bargain, that arent available on weekends.

Eat Where The Locals Do

City Break Tips For Planning #4

Enjoying the Local Food in Old Delhi India!

Street Food Tour In Delhi

Talking of food a city break is a fantastic opportunity to try new things, including the local cuisine!

If youre fussy about your food choices, check online for restaurants and reviews beforehand, so you have an idea of what dishes are served, prices and comments.

Ask the locals for advice about the best places to eat; the hotel staff should be reliable people to ask about hidden gems and great value restaurants to try.

On our last trip to India, we found Tripadvisor to be very helpful in selecting popular eateries and local hidden gems.

Taking A City Tour

City Break Tips For Planning #5

The Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus in Sydney Australia!

hop on hop off bus sydney australia

If you are pressed for time, check out the local 🚍 hop on hop off city tours. We always enjoy taking this tour when traveling to larger cities.

They’re a great way to get acquainted with the city you’re visiting, and have the flexibility to allow you to get on and off at your leisure.

As well, check out the many excellent
🚶 walking and🚲 bike tours available, which have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Eco-friendly tours are excellent and very affordable as well!

You can visit places you might not other wise have found or known about and at the same time, get a feel for a citys history and culture.

All, without the worry of getting hopelessly lost at the same time!

Travel Around The City Like The Locals Do

City Break Tips For Planning #6

Enjoying Saigon Vietnam on Scooters!

Saigon Adventure Scooter Food Tours

If your time is limited in a city for your short break, the hassle of 🚗 car hire can be more bother than its actually worth.

The beauty of most major cities is that they usually have well-developed 🚇 public transport systems. So why not take some time out from sitting behind the wheel and let the tram, subway or bus network ferry you around?

In many cities, you can also buy reasonably-priced 🎫 unlimited transport passes that save you the hassle of finding fares and buying tickets for separate journeys.

Some of them also give you free entry to a few of the citys main attractions, which is an even bigger bonus!

Chill Out & Enjoy Your City Break

City Break Tips For Planning #7

Swimming at Los Barriles Beach Baja Mexico

Swimming at Los Barriles Beach Baja Mexico

Remember, you’re supposed to be on holiday and you wont fit the whole city into a few days. So make sure you give yourself some down time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Dont spend all your time rushing from one attraction to another.

Take the time to appreciate the quieter side of life in a city, find a green space if the weather is nice and wander around the park, or simply spend some time people-watching at a local caf.

Sometimes, doing nothing is the perfect way to while away an hour or so while you recharge your batteries for the next adventure


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