Discover Rail Holidays {Fabulous Train Vacations}

Discover Rail Holidays {Fabulous Train Vacations}

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A Look At Some Fabulous Rail Holidays Around The World

Searching for something unique and different for your holidays this season? Take a step back in time and why not Discover Rail Holidays.Train travel is the most relaxing form of travel, and is becoming more popular each and every year. As we discovered most recently, for very good reason!

Whatever destination around the globe you may choose to visit, there is certain to be a train excursion of some sort for you to enjoy.

Check out this short video from one of my favorite travel experts who reviews a few of the more popular train journeys around the globe.

Great Train Trips – YouTube Video

Great Reasons To Choose Holidays By Rail This Season

Rail Holidays to have you taking a step back in time, to the once most popular form of travel of years past. Once on board, just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery! Traveling by train is without a doubt one of the most stress free and relaxing ways to travel these days.

If it’s just for a day or a longer multi-week sightseeing adventure, you and your family are sure to enjoy this delightful new experience.

A Holiday By Rail!

all aboard train holidays

Discover Rail Holidays All Around The World

Train Holidays Are Relaxing, Flexible And Eco-Friendly!

From a luxurious day trip on the Orient Express Northern Belle or British Pullman,to a 21 day great rail journey across Australia, a train holiday is sure to be an experience you will never forget.

Climb Aboard the Orient Express

The Orient Express

Within the United Kingdom you can take an Orient Express day trip or short break from over 50 departure points around the country.

Visit popular locations and sites as diverse as

Glamis Castle,Portmeirion,The Lake District,Hampton Court,Edinburgh,Loch Lomond,The Trossachs

As well as trips to special events like the

  • Chelsea Flower Show
  • Ladies Day at Royal Ascot and Wimbledon

Eiffel Tower Paris

Eiffel Tower Paris

How about a 2 night break to romantic Paris? A gift sure to be treasured forever. Of course you could be tempted by a 5 night or longer rail journey across Europe on the luxurious Venice – Simplon Orient Express.

Magnificent carriages, first class food and service, together with amazing scenery that will simply take your breath away!

Departing on the Eurostar from St. Pancras station, opens up a whole world of possibilities on a train holiday in Europe. Perhaps a cultural Grand Tour of Italy, taking in the cities of Rome, Venice and Florence may appeal to you!

If you’re after spectacular scenery, why not consider Switzerland’s beautiful Glacier Express. Perhaps a trip aboard the Arctic Circle Coastal Explorer may be what you’re looking for.

The Glacier Express

Glacier Express Rail Holidays

A favorite rail journey starting in London travels to France, Spain and then finally continues into Morocco. All aboard the via the Marrakech Express.

Leaving Europe behind and perhaps the ultimate holiday by rail, is a journey on the Trans-Siberian Express. This rail line was proud to celebrate its 100th anniversary of rail travel throughout Russia, back in 2006.

For those who may be looking for something more adventurous, there’s a slightly different rail journey that travels from Beijing to Moscow.

Golden Chariot India
Golden Chariot India

India offers a trip around the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur on the luxurious Golden Chariot. Of course, Indian Railways will take you wherever you need to go in India as well.

Blue Train of South Africa

south africa blue train

South Africa offers a journey through stunning landscapes on board the iconic Blue Train. This is said to be one of the world’s most luxurious great rail journeys!

Amtrak Passenger Rail In The United States

Amtrak Passenger Train
Perhaps you’re planning a vacation to North America in the near future. Not to worry, there are plenty of wonderful vacations by rail to choose from.

Take a trip along the west coast through the majestic Rockies, or perhaps all the way north into Alaska. Choose a train trip to the Wild West in the USA, with a visit to Las Vegas, Nevada perhaps!

The options for travel in Canada and the United States by rail are endless! Why not ride the rails right across America on a 21 day coast to coast adventure on America’s Amtrak rail system?

Rail Holidays

Photo by Albin Berlin from Pexels Photo

The real beauty of train vacation is the flexibility rail travel can offer, particularly when traveling throughout Europe. With a choice of departure dates and the ability to select different stops along your route, make for an excellent way of travel and vacation experience.

Perhaps staying an extra night or two in your favorite city is in your plans? With rail travel, you can easily create a holiday that is tailor made just for you and your family.

Choosing a train tour package offers the extra benefit of having a personal tour manager and guide, with all the planning done for you. These escorted train holidays are available to many destinations around Europe and around the world.

Rail Holidays Are Eco-Friendly

Train Vacations

One of the greatest benefit and compared with short-haul flights, your carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 90% by taking the train. Just another great reason to consider your next vacation on a train!

Pick Your Country & Enjoy Some Great Train Rides

Rocky Mountaineer in Lake Louise Alberta

Rocky Mountaineer in Lake Louise Alberta

As you can see, the choices available for rail travel are excellent around the globe. The great thing about taking the train, is you can choose from many different types of train excursions that will suit most everyones budget and desires.

From the fabulous and very famous Orient Express to Canadas very own world renowned Rocky Mountaineer Railtours, traveling by train is an excellent way to unwind and see some spectacular sites, you won’t see on a road trip.

All, without the worry and stress of driving in traffic.

Making Train Travel Affordable For Everyone

Discover World Rail Holiday

Choose first class comfort with all the luxuries you would expect, or select from the most modest of carriages to suit your taste and travel your travel budget.

Rail Travel Vietnam

Rail Travel Vietnam

For example, my son and I returned from a wonderful vacation traveling throughout Vietnam. We traveled by train up the coast, making several stops along the way. Known as The Reunification Line,the trains were clean and comfortable.

When making your train reservations, you could choose from; hard seats budget travel cars, soft seats with air conditioning cars, or individual sleeper cabins.

Something to suit all budgets!

The Reunification Line in Vietnam

Vietnam Passenger Trains

It was the perfect way to travel throughout Vietnam as we made our way to our chosen destinations. Travel was stress free, relaxed and a great way to see the sites and countryside of Vietnam.

The train travel times of old are indeed returning and becoming a more popular and preferred way of travel. With the ever increasing rising costs of fuel, hotel accommodations, air travel and so on, train travel is becoming more popular.

Even if it’s just a matter of getting from point A to point B in any country, it’s a great alternative and a wonderful way to see the sites. If you have the extra time to spare on vacation, travelling by train is a great option!

VIA Rail Canada

via rail canada

Should you decide on taking your 🍁   Holiday in Canada , my home country, then do have a closer look at our premier passenger rail service known as VIA Rail.

Riding with VIA Rail, you can enjoy comfortable passenger rail service from Coast to Coast! Below, I have added a link to their official website for your convenience to help you start planning your train vacation today!

🚂   VIA Rail Canada



In September 2019, my wife and I enjoyed a wonderful Cross Canada train journey. Be sure to check out my detailed review and photos on our VIA Rail Train Across Canada experience!

This was just a sample of the many great rail companies around the world. No matter where in the world you may be traveling to, there is sure to be a train that will take you there!

The Ghan in Australia

The Ghan Queen Adelaide Restaurant

My wife and I did just that on our trip overseas to Australia. We included a 24 hour journey on the famous Ghan Train. Be sure to check out my review of our experience on one of Australia’s unique and historic luxury trains named … The Ghan .

All Aboard!

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“Approximately 70% Of Train Journeys Taken In The United Kingdom Either Start Or Finish Off In The Main City Of London.”


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