Firefighters Of British Columbia {Photograph}

Firefighters Of British Columbia {Photograph}

Post Last Modified – October 18, 2021

Photograph Of Our Firefighters Of British Columbia

This edition of Gr8 Travel Tips Photo Den is a tribute to all the Brave Forestry Firefighters around the world. This Photograph was captured by our nephew while working as a 👨 Firefighter in the 🌲 forests of British Columbia, Canada.

A great shot captured as the crew takes a breather after battling a stubborn 🔥 fire in our BC Forests!

A Tribute To All Forestry Firefighters

Forestry Fire Fighters of British Columbia

Firefighters Of British Columbia Photograph - Travel Memories

A special thanks to all the 🧑 firefighters around the globe who risk their lives to protect us day in and day out. We so often take for granted the hard work, dedication and extreme danger fire fightersface to keep us safe.

I thought this was an amazing 📸 photograph taken of our forestry firefighters of British Columbia.

Definitely worth sharing with you!

So the next time you should happen upon one of these brave individuals, give a word of 👋 thanks.

Remember, when you and your family are away enjoying your 🏕 Family Camping Holidays to always do your part in fire prevention!

Below, I’ve add a helpful link to the 🏞 U.S. Forestry Service – Campfire Safety website. Some excellent tips for campfire protection and more!

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🐻   Campfire Safety – Smokey Bear


Safe and Healthy Travels!

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