Healthy Plane Travel Tips {Infographic}

Healthy Plane Travel Tips {Infographic}

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Healthy Plane Travel Tips & Colorful Infographic

A look at a few healthy plane travel tips with a colorful infographic. We all know what it’s like to be confined in small spaces without fresh air to breath. Well, that’s exactly what it’s like sitting in an airplane for hours on end breathing re-circulated air.

How many times have you come a flight to find yourself with a cold or some other illness shortly after? Well I certainly know I have in years past, but today we take extra care and precautions to prevent illness whenever we travel.

Taking preventative measures can reduce the risk of illness significantly.

Plane Travel – The Healthy Way

I love these new colorful info-graphic charts circulating on the internet. They are filled with useful information and tips, especially for those of writing about travel. I recently found this one and it definitely outlines some helpful suggestions for making air travel healthier for everyone, less stressful and more enjoyable.

Air Travel Health Tips

Plane Travel the Healthy Way

What To Wear & How To Prepare For Your Flight

Tips for Healthy Plane Travel

For those long haul flights, you certainly want to be as comfortable as possible. I like to dress casually but comfortably, and if traveling to a hot tropical climate, I make sure I have a pair of shorts and light shirt in my carry on baggage, ready to put on either before landing or in the baggage claim area.

I always make sure I have a clean pair of socks on, so I can remove them while in flight.


Never walk around the airplane, especially into the washroom without shoes on!


Staying Healthy And Comfortable In The Air

Plane travel health tips

Healthy Plane Travel Tips – Get Up And Stretch

Sunwing Airplane

One of the most important things you must do on longer flights, especially 4 hours or longer is to get up and move around! Be sure to check out my post on Stretching During Air Travel and why it is so important for your overall health.

For a number of years now, we always carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and/or wipes with us on all our travels. It’s so important to wash and sanitize your hands often and keep your hands away from your face and eyes, especially in public places and touching things well used by others.

On our recent long haul flights, my wife and I have made a point of drinking a lot more water during the flight they we have in the past. I do find it makes you feel better, keeps you well hydrated and makes you get up and move to go to the washroom.

So consume lots of water, its a win win deal!

Tips For Avoiding Jet Lag

Plane travel health tips chart

I have always found overnight red-eye flights to be the worst for jet lag. It totally disrupts your regular sleep pattern and there is no easy cure. I have found the best way for me to combat this is to try to nap on the plane, drink plenty of water as mentioned, and have a short nap after checking into your hotel.

I then try to adapt to the time zone I am in as quickly as possible. What works for me, may not work for you. If you have any better ideas, please share them with us, we would love to know!

Take Care Of Yourself After Landing

Plane travel tips

Again, this chart points out the importance of hydrating your body, both during and after your flight. Your body will dehydrate on those long flights, and if you choose to enjoy alcoholic beverages during travel, then you will dehydrate even more. Check out my recent article on the Benefits of Water for your overall health.

Bottled water

I have often read if you do have a beverage containing alcohol while flying, then replace that drink with two glasses of water.

Just a few extra tips to help keep you feeling better and healthier on those flights extending more than four hours. Remember to get up out of your seat, stretch and walk about often, and try to drink as much water as you possibly can during your flight.

I know it has made a huge difference for us on our recent 12 hour plus flights abroad and I am sure it will for you as well.

January 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic Update:
COVID-19 TRAVEL update

As we’re all pretty aware of by now, strict measures are now in place for travel and especially air travel. Be sure to check with your chosen airline prior to departure to be sure of what policies they have in effect for flying.

As well, testing prior to and upon return for Covid-19 strict measures are also in place for most countries you may be flying into and out of.

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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