Hello Singapore Food Tours {Detailed Review}

Hello Singapore Food Tours {Detailed Review}

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Our Hello Singapore Group Food Tour

I keep on writing about how we absolutely love taking walking cultural food tours when we travel to new destinations. This time and perhaps our best ever experience, was with Hello Singapore Food Tours.

What an amazing time we had with our local guide, sharing his lovely city with us on a beautiful afternoon in Singapore.

This tour is a great opportunity to learn about the culture, customs and taste some outstanding local delicacies!

A Detailed Look At Our Outstanding Food Tour

Singapore Arab Street

I did have the pleasure of joining Hello Hong Kong Food Tours a couple of seasons ago when traveling to Hong Kong, and it was outstanding.

As soon as we had our travel plans set and knew we would be visiting Singapore, I contacted them right away to arrange another tour with them.

We chose Hello Singapores 5 hour Group Food Tour, one of many tours they offer visitors to Singapore. Yes I said it right, this tour lasted a full 5 hours! This select tour had us traveling to different districts of the city by public transit, sampling from 10 eateries along the way.

So if youre thinking of taking this tour, then you better arrive hungry!

Be prepared to sample and enjoy delicious high quality food in select popular local eateries, and learn about Singapores food culture along the way.

About Hello Singapore Tours

hello singapore brand logo

I really like this style of small business that employs local residents only, creating employment and offering first hand knowledge of the city these tours are offered in.

We are a small team of Singapore local residents working as professional tour guides with a huge passion for sharing our in-depth knowledge about Singapore and its culture, customs and history.

Hello Singapore Tours

This small business specializes in both private and small group tours of Singapore. All tours combine some of Singapores most popular sites, hidden gems and its back streets.

Their walking tours will give you an opportunity to mix with the locals, learn about their culture and visit different parts of the city using its public transit, just like locals do everyday.

At the same time, the tour gives you an opportunity to learn about Singapores culture, customs, history and the local way of life. What an outstanding way to really experience a new destination, especially when traveling abroad.

Eateries We Visited On Our Food Tour

Gr8 Travel Tips Author

Ill do my best to recall what we sampled on our tour but remember, we stopped at numerous locations on this wonderful food tour.

Mango Tree

First, we met our excellent guide (Gee Soo) at a predetermined location and time, as indicated in our tour email confirmation that we previously received after booking.

Hello Singapore Tours Guide

Our tour guide (Gee Soo) was superb, and a pleasure to spend our afternoon with. What a fun and knowledgeable individual we were so lucky to have had this day!

Soon Soon Huat

Soon Soon Huat Restaurant

Our first stop was just down the block from our meeting place to a pleasant small eatery specializing in local Curry Puff and Kaya Toast. The curry puff was delicious with a delicate and tasty pastry.

Along with another local favorite; kaya toast together with coffee or tea, it made for a great start to our tour. It also gave us a chance to sit and get acquainted with one another.

Rumah Kim Choo

Joo Chiat neighbourhood

It was time to move on and make our way down the street, walking down one of the cities most historic areas known as Choo Chiat. The Joo Chiat neighborhood is known for being one of the first heritage towns in Singapore.

Today, Joo Chiat is a mix of old and new, with historic heritage buildings, homes, colorful combined residential shops, restaurants and more.

Rumah Kim Choo

Rumah Kim Choo is a Peranakan boutique shop and museum gallery all in one. An absolutely beautiful place, where we sampled traditional Nonya Bak Chang (rice dumpling) & Nonya Kuih (the little cakes).

This part of Singapore and this beautiful shop/museum is definitely not to be missed when visiting the city.

Kim Choo Kueh Chang

You can purchase items from the retail outlet on the ground floor, take them upstairs and enjoy your meal in the museum’s dining room.

What a perfect historic setting to enjoy these freshly prepared delicacies!

Rumah Kim Choo Museum

Katong Laksa

Katong Laksa Restaurant

On we go down the street with our entertaining tour guide to our next local favorite eatery. It was time to taste some Katong Laksa soup!

This local eatery has been around since 1950, with Gee Soo telling us they make some of the best of this type of soup in the city.

Katong Laksa Soup

This local dish is a slightly spicy soup stock, flavored with coconut milk and dried shrimp. Main ingredients may include; cockles, prawns, fishcake. noodles and more.

This soup will definitely activate your taste buds and the more you try, the more youll begin to like and acquire a taste for it!

No problem finishing my bowl!

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Singapore Transit Bus

Time to hop on our first transit bus and make our way to the Old Airport Road Food Centre, one of the busiest hawker food stalls in the city.

These hawker stalls are very popular inexpensive eateries found throughout the city, and where locals go for their meals each day.

Singapore Hawker Stalls

Gee Soo had us sample Fried Carrot Cake (radish cake omelette), Sugar Cane Juice (with Lemon) and Kuih Pie Tee (the crispy cups with veggie inside).

Some more outstanding samples of what locals eat on a regular basis, and that you would be hard pressed to find and know about when visiting your traditional tourist establishments.

Excellent choices for us to try once again!

Hello Singapore Food Tours – Kampong Glam District

Kampong Glam Singapore

Hopping onto another bus, we then traveled to Kampong Glam. This is Singapores Muslim Quarter. A very popular and now very touristy Arab section of the city.

Its historic buildings are now filled with specialty Arabian shops, restaurants and more.

As well, the beautiful golden domed Sultan Mosque and the Malay Heritage Centre are located in this district.

Malay Heritage Centre

Theres clothing boutiques, street art, cafes and more that line busy Haji Lane, which is part of Singapore Tourism Board’s Heritage Trail.

Kampong Glam Singapore Shop

Minang Indonesion Restaurant

Minang Indonesion Restaurant

Time to head into another well established local gem eating establishment in this part of the city named Minang. This local favorite has been in business since 1954, and specialize in Indonesian Minangbakabau cuisine.

Gee Soo ordered Beef Rendang, Fried Kang-kong (Morning Glory / Water Spinach) and Sambal Goreng (fragmented tofu with beans).

Indonesian Minangbakabau cuisine

Excellent choices and just another sample of some outstanding local cuisine offered in the city, by the cities most diverse and varied ethnic groups to be found in Singapore.

Kampong Glam Wall Art

It was great to see this part of the city, walk down its street and picturesque artistic lanes. It definitely has become a hot spot for tourists and locals alike.

Excellent shopping, restaurants and more!

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant

Off to North Bridge Road in the city. Another local and tourist hub filled with restaurants, bars and more shops.

This is a fun and uniquely decorated side street that surely we would have missed if not for taking this tour.


We made our way to a small hidden eatery to try Murtabak. This is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread which was commonly found in the Arabian Peninsula and Southeast Asia.

Gee Soo had us sample their Chicken Murtabak along with a tasty dipping sauce and sliced sweet cucumbers alongside.

Chicken Murtabak

Gee Soos food choices for us to sample could not have been better. At this point of the tour, to say we were getting stuffed was an understatement.

You will get plenty to eat on this tour!

Time to walk off a few calories and make our way to Little India. Before heading to our last eatery in this district, Gee Soo took us on a stroll into the colorful Indian garment shopping plaza.

India Garment Plaza Singapore

An amazing array of colors found on the beautiful garments worn by the people of India.

India Garment Shopping Plaza Singapore

Kamala Restaurant

Kamala Restaurant Singapore

Our final stop of the day was naturally, to a local Indian restaurant. Here, we sampled Paper Dosai. A Dosa is a cooked flat very thin layered rice batter, then rolled and served with masala.

This is a very popular South Indian dish eaten at any time of the day.

Paper Dosai

I must say, we could barely scratch the service of our very large Dosa at the end of this incredible food tour. A simple cup of tea or similar would have been plenty to finish off this outstanding food tour experience!

Final Thoughts Banner


If you are traveling to the city and want to experience some local dishes, learn about the culture and people of Singapore and see some wonderful sites of the city, then this half day group food tour is a Must Do experience you will not soon forget!

We had a wonderful time with our guide Gee Soo and fellow traveler on this tour. Be sure to check out my post and review on my 🍲 Hello Hong Kong Food Tour.

This was another outstanding food tour experience during my short visit to Hong Kong a few seasons ago!

Below, I have listed Hello Singapore Tours official website for your convenience, where you can access much more detailed information on their tours offered. You can also check availability and make online reservations as well.

Hello Singapore Logo

🍲   Hello Singapore Tours

Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner at https://gr8traveltips.com

Although our tour was in collaboration with Hello Singapore Tours, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

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“You Can’t Buy Any Chewing Gum In The Republic Of Singapore.”


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