Hotel Room Safety Tips For Traveling

Hotel Room Safety Tips For Traveling

Post Last Modified – February 15, 2021

Hotel Room Safety Tips For Travelers

Its that time of year again, especially in North America, where many of us are thinking of escaping the cold winter by taking a warm weather vacation. Unfortunately, crooks work year round and do prey on hotel and resorts around the world.

Here are a few Hotel Room Safety Tips to think about, to help keep you and your valuables safe at all times.

Hotel Room Safety Hacks

Check Your Room Carefully

Hotel Room Safety

When checking into your room, take a good look around. Ask yourself;

Is the door secure and does it have good security locks?

If there is a patio door, does it lock securely? This is especially important if your room is on the ground floor.

Is there an in room safe, and is it securely fastened? Does it have a programmable security code you can enter?

If the locks in your room are insufficient, then ask for a new room right away. If a new room is unavailable, ask for a maintenance person to come and fix the problem asap.

I know this is something that most of us rarely think of, especially when we are excited and have just arrived at one of those all-inclusive resorts to start your long awaited vacation.

One would assume that everything will be safe and secure, but unfortunately, thats not always the case.

hotel maid stealing

Sticky fingers can be found pretty much everywhere around the world these days!

Hotel Security Tips – Good To Know

Leaving Your Room For The Day

hotel room theft

I always say, trust your instincts. Depending on where you are traveling to and the type of hotel or resort you are staying at, its always better to be safe than sorry. Heres a few things we always do in our room, when going out for the day or for the evening.

Make sure your valuables are hidden well or locked away somewhere. If theres no room safe, we always lock our valuables in a suitcase with a secure lock. Not one of those cheap little luggage locks!

Then we place a few items on top of that suitcase that weve locked.

hotel room safe

Always leave the television on low and if at night, keep a light on in the room.

Never leave a door tag outside to have the Maid Clean The Room!

They will always get around to cleaning your room while making their rounds during the day. We even put the Do Not Disturb Sign on the door handle on occasions.

Do Not Disturb Door Sign

Never leave items hanging around the room that may lead a staff member into temptation, and to do something they normally would not.

There have been times when traveling to remote parts of the world, that we have actually had to hide valuables behind drawers and other hidden areas of our hotel rooms, just to keep them out of site. Ive even recall hiding money in the hotel fridge at one time.

Just have to use your imagination when all else fails!

As well, many times when leaving our hotel rooms, we have had to take our passports and cash along with us, as there were no other safe alternatives available at that time. In many cases and depending on where you are staying, the front desk may have a safe to put your valuables in.

Top Hotel Safety Tips For Travelers

Stay Safe And Secure When Traveling

hotel break ins

In wrapping up this short post on hotel room safety, one must always consider what they are actually bringing along on the travels with them in the first place. Unfortunately, hotel theft and break ins occur more often than we think, even in the safest of hotel and resorts around the world.

Are you bringing valuables with you that you really need to have with you?

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Youre going on a fun one week tropical vacation to an all inclusive resort. Do you really need to bring along your valuable jewelry with you and take the chance of having it stolen or lost?


How much cash are you carrying with you? Are there easy accessible ATM machines at your chosen destination, where you can withdraw cash when you need it?

There are so many simple things one can do these days to help prevent theft from your person and in your hotel room.

Robert Tellier in India

On our recent travels throughout India, my Stashbelt Money Belt and my Tilley Endurables Hat with a velcro pouch inside, and Shorts with heavy duty zippers were an absolute godsend to have. This especially so, while walking the extremely congested streets of New and Old Delhi.

The photo of me above shows me wearing my all weather, very light Tilley Hat, complete with a hidden compartment inside to stash your cash! I never had to worry about my cash going missing at all, unless of course, someone may have wanted to swipe my hat from me!

With all our years of travel around the globe knock on wood, we have been very fortunate to not have lost anything during our travels. We always try to use common sense and take as many precautions as we can to keep ourselves and our valuables safe.

Vacation Safety Tips

Its up to you to do as much as you possibly can, to help prevent theft and break ins in your hotel room and elsewhere when traveling. Stuff happens, but we can do a few things to deter unnecessary occurrences from happening in the first place.

Just a little food for thought the next time you travel. Heres something that surprised me as well. Check out my recent post on Air Travel Theft. The friendly skies are no longer so friendly, especially on those long-haul flights!


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Safe and Healthy Travels!

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