Hotel Stays Post Lockdown {Infographic}

Hotel Stays Post Lockdown {Infographic}

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Post Last Modified – February 04, 2021

How Hotel Stays May Change Post Lockdown

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so much of what we had become used to when travelling is absolutely turned on its head. Hotels have always been at the top of the list as our home away from home, with our criteria for a place to lay our heads suddenly looking entirely different. This post will touch on Hotel Stays Post Lockdown and what we can expect from now on.

Although many countries and regions have pushed ahead with businesses including hotels reopening, the question of safe tourism and travel remains: what will it be like?

In many cases, even with communication and clear guidelines, what to expect remains a source of mystery. This, beyond the likelihood that social distancing will be required and hand sanitizer will be everywhere.

Looking Ahead For The Hotel Industry

Hotel Stays Post Lockdown

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Prior to COVID-19 and the overnight 180 degree of our lives — both private and public — hotels were characterized in terms of hospitality, friendliness, and a sense of welcome.

For many of us, they were also a place where we could indulge and enjoy some luxury in the form of hotel bathrobes and a movie in bed. As an enormous player in the global economy, contributing over $3.41 trillion USD, the pressure for hotels to reopen albeit as safely as possible is undeniably there.

In fact, Reuters reports on a United Nations study that;

Global tourism revenues are expected to fall by up to $3.3 trillion due to coronavirus restrictions based on the most pessimistic scenario for the industry, with lockdown measures lasting 12 months.

Changes In Hotels To Come – Infographic

Hotel Stays Post Lockdown

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Despite speculation only getting us so far, certain trends as hotels start to reopen are inarguable. The bottom line is that you should expect clear messaging from every hotel that they are committed to minimizing virus spread while making sure you feel incredibly welcome.

To delve into this topic further and discuss the future of the beloved breakfast buffet and classic mini bar, Killarney Hotels developed this infographic exploring the ways Hotel Stays Might Change After Lockdown to help you learn more.

Hotel Stays Post Lockdown

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The infographic covers topics in changes including;

The Booking Stage
The Room Stay
The Restaurant|Bar|Room Service
Leisure Areas
Transport Areas – Lifts & Stairs
What You Could Expect To See In The Future

Stay safe and enjoy pleasant, healthy travelling during your next adventure wherever it takes you!


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Mary Smith works as a marketing executive with Killarney Hotels. As part of her work, she is focused on creating content about travel and recently produced this very informative infographic.

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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