How Clean Is That Hotel Room? {Good To Know}

How Clean Is That Hotel Room? {Good To Know}

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Just How Clean Is That Hotel Room? A Few Facts

Have you ever wondered just How Clean Is That Hotel Room that you are staying in really is? It seems that people are becoming inflicted with some sort of illness when traveling away from home, more frequently. I’m always hearing from friends and others, who have caught some sort of bug while traveling.

I am sure you have all heard of the feared Norwalk virus that appears to be surfacing more often in Seniors Care Facilities, and especially on Cruise Ships. This is but just one of the many viruses that continue to surface and make people ill during their vacation.

Below I’ve listed a few facts about hotel room cleanliness, or any other form of accommodations you may have when traveling. As well, how you can help prevent becoming sick when first entering your selected room.

First, check out this very informative video on a few extra things to watch out for when checking out your room.

How Clean Is Your Hotel Room – YouTube Video


The Facts About Bedspreads In Hotel Rooms

How Clean Is That Hotel Room

Bedspreads are a major carrier of germs and bacteria and thankfully, most major hotel chains are slowly doing away with them. Try to avoid lying down on those bedspread covers whenever possible.

If we happen to stay in a room with a bedspread, we will immediately remove it from the bed. If need be, we ask housekeeping or a staff member for an additional blanket.

These bed covers are not cleaned regularly, particularly in lower budget hotels or motels. This is because of their size and the cost involved with cleaning.

How Clean Is That Hotel Room

As each year passes, we are noticing these heavy type spreads on beds are being removed. This especially in the more upscale hotel and motel properties we have stayed at recently.

I am sure during your travels, you are finding that they are now being replaced with an attraction cover sheet or ensemble. These can be easily be washed and look nice as well!

Hotel Room Bedbugs

Bed Bugs

Something becoming more and more frequent surfacing in hotel rooms throughout the world is those dreaded bed bugs. Knock on wood, during our years of traveling, we are yet to be invaded by these nasty spreadable bugs! Unfortunately, we have had family members that have.

They returned from a short domestic holiday only to find their luggage had contained bed bugs. Within a matter of days, the bugs invaded their home. Their entire house had to be fumigated to rid them of these pests, costing thousands of dollars.

When you do arrive in your room, always check the sheets for signs of these critters. Usually, you will see very tiny brown specs on the sheets. This is a good indicator that there are bed bugs.

Should you become suspicious, immediately contact staff and change rooms!

tripadvisor logo

Before travel, I always check out one of my favorite travel review and booking sites; TripAdvisor. I look to see what the latest reviews and comments are on my chosen accommodation for my intended destination before booking.

If there are, or have been mention of bed bugs present, you are likely to read about it from another visiting guest, on a site such as this.

Your Hotel Room Water Glasses

Hotel Room Glasses

This came as a real surprise to me after reading about this in a travel health journal. Those real drinking glasses provided in your room can be another very severe hazard to your health! In many cases, these glasses are not taken from the room after each use to be properly sanitized.

Cleaning staff simply run the glasses under the tap and quickly wipe them off. Yuk!

If these glasses are the only ones provided where you are staying, then it is recommended by health professionals to run the glasses under very piping hot water for several minutes. Then wipe them dry with a clean cloth before using them.

Hot Beverage Paper Cup

Thankfully, more changes are being made with glasses, due to increased exposure and attention to health related issues. You will find in many rooms today, paper cups that are separately packaged in your room. This is ensures that they have never been used before.

In higher end hotels you may still find real glasses, but most have been cleaned and uniquely wrapped for your protection. So the moral of this story is; check the drinking glasses before using them and if need be, disinfect them.

Hotel Room Remote Controls For Televisions

television remote control

According to health statistics, this is the Number One culprit in the majority of rental rooms found around the world.

This is a device that most everyone will come in contact with at some point during their stay in that room. Can you imagine how many people will have touched that remote control in just one month?

This little remote control, something we just cant seem to live without today, is absolutely covered with filthy germs!

In all my years of travel, I have never seen a housekeeper pick up a remote control and clean or disinfect it while making up the room.

Hotel Room Television Remote Control

A helpful tip I picked up recently from a reader if they plan on spending more than just an evening in the same room. They cover the remote with a clear sandwich bag type cover, to avoid direct contact with the device. What a clever idea!

Better yet, we always avoid watching television when traveling. We get enough tv watching while at home.

The most important thing to remember after using items as these, is to make sure you keep your hands away from your mouth and eyes, until you can wash them.

This goes for doorknobs, phones and any other place in the room that people come into contact and touch regularly. Surprisingly, things used most often by guests staying in rooms, are usually never cleaned by hotel staff.

The door handles, telephones, remote controls, hand control light switches and so on.

Small Bottle Hand SanitizerOur family have always carried small bottles of hand sanitizer in our carry on, to help prevent illness especially while away on holidays. The last thing anyone wants while traveling is to get sick!

Taking a few extra precautions along the way, can do wonders in preventing illness. Many simply as a result of coming into contact with bacteria and germs.

Just washing your hands thoroughly after coming to contact with a surface used by the public, can reduce the chances of becoming ill tenfold! Just a few things to keep in mind the next time you check into a room. Tips to help keep you and your family healthy during your stay.

Hotel Room Cleanliness Updates


I received this latest survey done on Hotel Room Cleanliness in my email box from one of my favorite travel information websites; 📰  etalk travel news the other day.

I always knew to stay away from television remote controls and drinking glasses as I mentioned above, but was surprised to find out about bathroom counter tops as well!

Hotel Rooms Dirtier Than Airplanes!

etalk travel news hotel cleanliness

During laboratory testing of 9 various star rated hotels, it was revealed that bathroom counters scored the worst overall for germs. This was followed by the rooms television remote control, room work station and desk and the phone.

Their study showed that hotel rooms revealed more germs than an average home, school and airplanes.

Hotel Room Update:



I also received an email newsletter from one a leading travel expert mentioning that ABC News Investigation Team has revealed that;

“The dirtiest item in a hotel room the hotel hair dryer!”


According to a Microbiologist who conducted random tests of hotel hair dryers, apparently the results were less than desirable. Many hotel room hair dryers are filled with germs!

Just another thing to think about when your staying in a hotel room the next time you’re traveling.


Remember to wash your hands often, especially before eating and keep them away from your mouth and eyes!

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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