Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Tours & Excursions {Luis De La Maza}

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Tours & Excursions {Luis De La Maza}

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Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Tours & Excursions By Louis

There are some excellent Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Tours and Excursions to take, but one that I highly recommend and that my wife and I enjoyed immensely was the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Tours  Louis.  It was a wonderful small group tour with owner operator Louis.

See the Real Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo away from the resort area!

Reviewing Our Excellent Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Day Tour

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Tours by Louis

Louis recommended and invited us to join him on his very popular all day city and country combo tour and were we ever glad we did!

What an enjoyable day spent with Louis and a small group of other travelers that joined us on this tour.  Taking a smaller group tour is so much better than those large stuffy over crowded bus tours that most tourists take on their tours.

Many people don’t even think of or consider the huge advantages of a smaller more intimate and private tour. In many cases, you’re sure to be surprised to find a marginal price difference in these types of tours, as we have discovered over the years.

Below, is a sample of what to expect on your full day City and Country Combo Tour with Louis.

About Louis De La Maza

Tours by Louis has been in business for many years in this area, with the business first started by his father.  They have become the premier tour operator in the region with years of experience backing them up, and it definitely showed on our tour.

Louis is a well educated individual who speaks fluent English.  He has followed his fathers footsteps, becoming a licensed tour operator in Mexico.

Louis is very knowledgeable and passionate about his home and country. The one thing that stood out during our day with Louis, is that he was able to answer all of our questions with informative answers. He is extremely well versed on the history of the area, local industry and so much more!

Hotel Pickup And Drop Off On Your Guided Tour

Louis Our Terrific Guide and Business Owner

Ixtapa Tours Louis Tour Guide

We were greeted by Louis and his father at our hotel at the scheduled time for pickup.  The small group van was very comfortable and clean with air conditioning.  We had a perfect size of a total of 8 persons on our tour.  After a couple of other pickups at local hotels in Ixtapa, we were on our way!

Our first stop was in the residential area of Ixtapa not frequented by visitors, with Louis taking us to the small housing complex where he was actually raised as a child.  In this housing development, there was a small convenience store and a tortilla factory that has been in business for many years.

On our brief stop here, we were shown how they are made and even sampled some fresh hot tortillas straight out of the oven!

Local Tortilla Factory in Ixtapa

Tortilla Factory Ixtapa Mexico

I find that getting away from the hotel area and actually seeing where the locals live is really a must for travelers.  It gives you a whole new perspective on life in a country other than yours. It allows for a first hand look at the every day life of the locals in the country you are visiting.

Travel is exciting and one should step out of the box and discover new and exciting things beyond the hotels and resorts!

Typical Local Convenience Store in Ixtapa

Convenience Store Ixtapa Mexico

After passing through the local Ixtapa residential area and other small villages nearby, we were on our way to the town of Zihuatanejo.  This area has been a destination in Mexico I have always wanted to visit.

I was first intrigued and interested to know about Zihuatanejo Mexico from one of my all time favorite Big Screen Movies  with Famous Actor Morgan Freeman in “Shawshank Redemption.

Shawshank Redemption Movie Poster

My wife and I had taken the local bus into the city prior to taking this tour, which is also worth taking instead of convenient taxis all the time.  It is very inexpensive ride from Ixtapa to the city center of Zihuatanejo just a few kilometers away.

Taking the local bus also gives you a feel of every day life for the locals in the area.

View of Ixtapa Mexico

View of Ixtapa Mexico

Zihuatanejo is a lovely city but with very steep hills, especially where the locals live.  This is where Louis drove us along, giving us beautiful vista views of the Zihuatanejo Bay and the City.  Its not a place one would want to walk, especially during the heat of the day!

I must admit, sitting in a nice air conditioned vehicle was perfect way to see the sites and residential areas of the town!

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Tours & Excursions Includes The Farmers Market

Zihuatanejo Farmers Market

Zihuatanejo Farmers Market

Louis then drove us into the city center, making a stop at the local farmers market.  This market has absolutely everything, from fresh fish and vegetables, to household items and souvenirs.

You name it, it’s here at the local marketplace!

Zihuatanejo Local Market

It is a must stop for those visiting this region of Mexico. Its like one big open air Walmart where the locals do all their shopping.

My wife was able to purchase pure vanilla extract made in Mexico, right here at the market and at very reasonable prices!

Zihuatanejo Local Marketplace Vendor

Here we were guided thru the marketplace, making a stop for a sample of some amazing fresh hot pulled pork on a tortilla. Yummy!

Our Visit To Coconut And Tile Production Farms

Coconut Farming

Visit to a Coconut Plantation

Ixtapa Tours Louis Country Tour

After our brief stop at the marketplace, it was time to hop back into the van and make our way into the countryside.  After a short drive with Louis answering our many questions along the way, we then made a stop at a local coconut farm.

Louis gave us a detailed talk and demonstration on coconut production and farming in this region. This was a very informative and relaxing stop in the countryside.  It allowed us to see just how important this industry is to Mexico and just how a typical small coconut farm is operated.

Tile Factory

Countryside Tile Factory Fire Oven

Ixtapa Tours Louis Tile Factory

Next was a stop at a small local tile and brick factory.  A demonstration was given on just how those beautiful tiles and bricks are made that we all take for granted.

This farm produces these by hand, with no machinery used whatsoever!

Hand Made Roof Tile Making Demonstration

Ixtapa Tours Louis Tile Factory Tour

This is labor intensive painstaking work for these workers, where one individual will produce hundreds of bricks and tiles on a daily basis.

Enjoy Lunch At Playa Blanca Beach

A Beautiful Stretch of Beach in the Countryside

Playa Blanca Beach Mexico

After enjoying the morning tour, it was off to a beautiful stretch of beach for lunch and a short boat trip.  But first, Louis made a stop at a beautiful sanctuary in the country built by a local lady from the United States.  She has developed a lovely animal rescue shelter and gardens.

A truly lovely oasis in the countryside and with a great purpose in protecting the wildlife in the area!

Lunch on the beach was fabulous!

We had a choice of a variety of menu selections, which included and was our choice; fresh jumbo garlic shrimp and ice cold beer.  Everyone enjoyed their lunch and time at this local beach restaurant as part of the tour.

Pelicans in Mexico

After lunch and some free time walking the beach, we hopped aboard a local boat for a short tour in the adjoining river canal where pelicans like to hang out.

The short boat ride was a great opportunity for photos and also a perfect way to escape the mid – day heat, enjoying the cool breeze on the water on this typical hot and sunny day in this part of Mexico.

Your average daily temperature is normally 31 degrees Celsius or about 88 degrees Fahrenheit!

A Great Day With Louis On His Ixtapa Zihuatanejo City And Country Tour



What a perfect day spent with Louis and the other guests on this tour!  From here, we made our way back to Ixtapa and our hotels, but not without a stop at a favorite bakery of Louis.

He picked up some amazing fresh coconut pastry bread for us to sample and enjoy on the return trip!

Louis is the perfect host and tour guide with a great sense of humor and one who loves to talk.  Its very clear after taking this tour that he loves what he is doing and sharing his passion and experiences about his home to those of us visiting this area.

tripadvisor certificate of excellence

Its no wonder that this company has receive Tripadvisors Certificate of Excellence and is rated at the top in tours taken in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.

Below, I have listed their official website for your convenience, where you can access more detailed information on their tours.  Be sure to contact Louis, as he can put together a small group tour to suit your particular wants and needs.

Ixtapa Tours Louis

🚌   Ixtapa Tours Louis

I’ve also listed the Visit Mexico link below to their website for your convenience. An great website filled with excellent information to assist in your travel planning to this beautiful part of Mexico. I’ve directed the link to their page on Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo travel.

Mexico Tourism Logo

🏜   Visit Mexico – Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo

Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at https://gr8traveltips.com

Although our City and Country Combo Tour was in collaboration with Ixtapa Tours Louis, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.
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“Mexico Is Known To Be The Largest Producer Of Silver In The Entire World.”


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