Keeping Money Safe When Traveling {Travel Tips}

Keeping Money Safe When Traveling {Travel Tips}

Post Last Modified – January 20, 2021

Keeping Your Money Safe During Travel

Holidays are a great time to just sit back, relax and let go of all those stresses of life, but that doesnt mean you can let down your guard when it comes to Keeping Your Money Safe When Traveling. Tourists especially are prime targets for criminals who pick your pockets and steal your belongings.

For those men who still carry a wallet in their back pocket when traveling, did you ever think of what you would do if it was stolen in a foreign country?

Travelling safely also included protecting your money and belongings always and having a good backup plan in case you become a victim of crime.

Six Steps ForKeeping Your Money Safe

Remove Items You Really Do Not Need

I always remove unnecessary cards and other items from my wallet before leaving home, that I know I wont need on holidays. As a matter of fact, I have small wallet I use specifically for travel.

It’s a small nylon wallet with a zippered money bill and change compartment. It also has a Velcro strap that keeps it closed tightly so my credit cards won’t slip out.

My travel wallet is cheap, but works great for traveling abroad and keeping my money and cards safe.

Take out those things you wont need and that just add bulk and clutter to your purse or wallet. I carry only enough cash to get by, depending how convenient ATM machines are in the destination I travel to. I carry two of my major credit cards and my bank debit card for the ATM machines.

I also carry medical insurance cards with contacts, and emergency contact information for someone at home, just in case.

Be Prepared Before You Leave Home

Pickpocket Tactics ChartAbove are typical Pickpocket Thieves Tactics; The Stall, The Diversion and The Distraction

Do a little planning before leaving home and find out how easy it is to access currency for the country you may be visiting. This always plays a major role when deciding how much cash I choose to take with me before leaving home, or if any is needed at all.

For example; On our latest trip to Cancun, Mexico, I researched the airport on the internet and got advice from others on TripAdvisor regarding the ease of access to cash.

I discovered ATMs were readily available and in most cases, you will save money by using the bank machines when you arrive there. Better than using currency exchange depots and your bank at home.

Be sure to check out my latest post on Cancun Travel Tips for those of you who may be planning a vacation to the Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula.

Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings When Using Bank Machines

Airport ATM Machines

Try to always use recognizable and a heavily used Bank ATM machine, especially those connected to Banks. There are ATM locators and Apps for those connected to the internet, to help you find reputable machines to use.

I always check prior to leaving home to see if there are any Banks with ATM Machines that have a reciprocal agreement with my Bank at home. This works great in avoiding additional service charges. I also try to search for real Bank ATM’s to use, knowing that they are legitimate and not fakes that may be set up and used by criminals to get your bank information.

Airports, banks or hotel ATMs are always best. Stay away from undesirable areas with machines, especially if you feel uncomfortable with people that may be around at that time.

Always trust your instincts!

Make It Difficult For Pickpockets And Thieves

Pickpockets Love Tourists

Are you one of those people that pickpockets just love? Do you still carry your wallet in your back pocket, especially in crowded tourist areas? Are you that lady that holds on to her purse like youre ready to throw it away?

If so, you are an easy target and the chances are tenfold of you becoming the victim of theft.

I always carry my travel wallet in my front pocket and in most of the time I let my wife put it in her purse. She also only carries what she needs in her purse. Its not bulky and has a strap and a closed zipper.

Keeping Money Safe When Traveling – Update 2017:

My son and I returned from extensive travels throughout India. We both were wearing Money Belts and boy were they great to have, especially in the congested cities as New Delhi.

Have a look at my personal review and post on Stashbelt Money Belts for more detailed information on this excellent travel product.

Use A Hotel Safe And Divide Your Cash

Hotel Room Safe

Whenever possible, try to use a Hotel Safe for your cash and particularly for your Travel Documents. Carry only the amount of cash with you that you may need for that day and keep the rest locked away safely.

Even if I have to pay the extra surcharge for the Room Safe, I always do so. Its better to pay a little now then a whole lot later!

These are just a few tips to get you thinking about your security and cash when traveling. Remember, never take anything for granted. Thieves are everywhere around the world, and they are just waiting to prey on tourists and those people who dont take preventive measures to safeguard their cash and valuables.

I’ve also listed a link below to a reputable website named HostleWorld. I’ve directed the link to their article on 14 Ways To Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling. Just a few more excellent tips to help you along the way.

HostleWorld Logo

💰   HostleWorld – Keeping Your Money Safe


Safe and Healthy Travels!

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