Lost Travel Luggage Tips {Good To Know}

Lost Travel Luggage Tips {Good To Know}

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Tips For Dealing With Lost Luggage And Preventing Loss

A few seasons back, our son finally recovered his lost travel 🧳 baggage, that had been missing in action for over 3 months.

So I thought, this would make an excellent post offering a few – 🧳 Lost Luggage Travel Tips, and on how to help prevent your luggage from going missing in the first place.

If it should disappear, here are a few ways to possibly recover that missing bag as well.

This goes for any form of travel, either by; ✈ air, 🛳 sea and or 🚍 land.

First, check out this short 📹 video on some of the new high tech gadgets, that make recovering luggageso much easier!

How To Prevent & Recover Lost Luggage – YouTube Video



Ways To Prevent Lost Luggage – Our Lost Luggage Story

Airport Bus Shuttle

Our son was on his way home from the United Kingdom, after spending a term as an exchange student in 🏫 University.

He had two pieces of heavy 🧳 luggage with him. One piece made it home, the other was discovered lost, after he stepped off his bus upon arrival at the ✈ airport in the UK.

It was obvious, the 🚌 bus driver had removed one of his 🧳 bags at the first of two airports {Gatwick & Heathrow} in the London area, while en-route.

The driver was immediately notified by my son on his stop, and after a search at the previous airport, the bag was – Gone!

A claim was made with the bus company right away, and my son boarded his plane for home, less one bag.

Lost Travel Luggage Tips

Lost Travel Luggage Tips – * Note *

For ✈ air travel, airlines are not required by law, to reimburse passengers for delayed luggage. Most however, do allow a daily allowance, to assist in purchasing clothing, incidentals and so forth.

So it’s important to read the airlines 📖 policies and procedures carefully, before you travel.

This is basically the same when traveling by 🚢 sea, and/or taking any form of 🚉 land transportation as well.



Another thing to keep in mind, is that when traveling by land such as 🚍 bus transportation, always keep an 👀 eye on your luggage at 🚏 bus stops if possible.

Bus companies can always use the excuse that – someone else must have removed your bag, – that looked the same as yours!

Back to the story …

Story Telling Cartoon

After numerous 📧 emails and ☎ telephone calls to the bus company, the bag could not be found.

To add insult to injury, the claim for the bag was denied and as mentioned, because of the possibility that another person must have taken the bag from the curb.

A great way out for the bus company and also taking the blame away from the driver.

What To Do When Your Luggage Goes Missing

Airport Lost and Found

Needless to say, without naming the bus company involved, we will never recommend this company to any of our family or friends in the future.

Very poor customer service, as it was the driver who removed the bags from his bus as each 🛑 stop.

After thinking about this over a period of time, it then occurred to me that the majority of ✈ airports around the world have a – 🧥 Lost and Found Department.

Knowing that my sons bag;

Had some – Identifiable Features;

Had the – Name of the Manufacturer and Label – on the baggage;

Knew the – Color and Material.

I then began to search on the internet for the two airports lost and found departments.

As luck had it, these departments were so organized, that it was easy to track the; day in question, type of article and so on.

This made a search for the 🧳 luggage very easy for them and low and behold, there it was, sitting at the wrong airport for 3 months!

To make a long story short, we then contacted the 🚍 bus company in question, and they finally accepted blame for the lost luggage. It was then promptly 📦 shipped home by courier, right to our door.

Help Prevent and Recover Lost Luggage

Canada Luggage

✔ Take a photograph of your luggage with your cellphone or camera;

✔ Ensure your bag has a name tag inside and outside the bag! (Name, email and/or phone number only);

✔ Add some form of easily identifiable unique feature. (Colored straps, lock, decorative cover and so on);

✔ Know the bags manufacturer name and if a label is attached;

✔ Know the color of the bag and material (cloth or hard case);

✔ Immediately report the lost bag to the appropriate officials and obtain a claim number.

I always try to pack a few necessities and a change of clothing appropriate for my final destination in my 🧳 Carry-On Luggage.

If your travel plans are a week or more, then I would strongly suggest including some form of {travel insurance coverage,} that includes a – 🧳 lost luggage policy. One that offers prompt lost/delayed baggage and contents replacement allowance coverage.



Imagine arriving on your fabulous 🌅 All Inclusive Vacation to some beautiful 🏝 Caribbean Island, wearing and having only the clothes on your back!

No shorts, no bathing suit, no nothing!

This is a prime example and depending on our travel destination, why I pack a few clothes in my carry on, especially when taking a beach vacation. 😎

Losing your luggage and all your belongingscan certainly cause a great deal of; stress and anxiety for many people.

Lost Luggage Travel Tips

On Average 10,000 Bags A Day Go Missing

Lost Travel Luggage Tips

Thats right!

Around the world daily, a staggering amount of luggage does not arrive with their owners at their final destination. Luckily, most peoples luggage is returned within {2 days,} to their rightful owners.

This is only because most bags are; properly marked, identified and easily tracked.

Simple Steps To Prevent Lost Travel Luggage

Lost Luggage Tips

In concluding this article, here are a few extra tips to help prevent lost or delayed luggage.

If you are a frequent traveler, especially by air, do consider some of the new high tech tracking travel gadgets available on the market as outlined in the video above.

Be sure to remove all previous destination labels, tags and or stickers as to prevent any confusion in the baggage handling areas.

Again, immediately report and complete a lost luggage claim at the appropriate counter, whether traveling by land, sea or air. Always obtain a claim and contact number before leaving. This will be necessary for insurance purposes as well as for reclaiming your lost luggage in the future.

Continue to check with lost and found departments where it may be possible your luggage has arrived.

Make your luggage easily identifiable and be creative!

Take a photo of your luggage. With todays cell phones and digital cameras, there is no reason not to!

If you have expensive items and clothing in your lost luggage, then it is advisable to keep a detailed list of each item in the bag and its value. Again, this will be necessary for insurance companies and/or dealing with your travel provider for compensation.

Final Thoughts Banner

Losing luggage is a drag, but above all, try not to let it ruin that long awaited vacation. Remember, it happens to thousands of people each and every day!

Taking a few steps to help prevent loss and prepare yourself ahead of time in the event of loss, will make things a little bit easier to deal at the time.

Update Banner

Lost Travel Luggage Tips – Update:

Below, are statistics gathered showing the main reasons luggage gets lost during air travel.

Not surprising, a whopping 45% of lost bags are when travelers are taking direct or stop over flights!

This is when your bags have to be taken off the first aircraft and then found their way onto your next flight.

Other reasons include baggage tagging errors, overweight bags and so forth.

Lost Luggage Update


Below, I’ve also included a link to a reputable travel website and their page offering more helpful tips for dealing with lost luggage.

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✈   tripsavvy – avoiding and dealing with lost luggage tips

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“It Is Estimated That More Than 29 Million Pieces Of Luggage Are Lost, Damaged &/Or Delayed At Airports Around The World Annually.”


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