NASCAR Races {For Family Fun & Excitement}

NASCAR Races {For Family Fun & Excitement}

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Catch The Excitement Of A NASCAR Race This Season

There’s nothing that can compare to the thrill and excitement then that of attending a live NASCAR event in the United States or Canada. It’s time to Discover NASCAR Races For Family Fun And Excitement in North America! If you have never been to a real NASCAR stock race day event, then this is something you definitely must consider attending this season.

Stock car racing at this level is an exhilarating experience like no other!

What’s neat about these races is that they are specially organized for families in mind. Long gone are the times when heading to a stock car race was for tough single men only, with a beer in each hand!

Today, there are all kinds of added attractions and entertainment set up at the race track, specifically designed for people of all ages. NASCAR Racing is really a fun filled family affair event.

Check out this cool video The ‘NASCAR Race Hub’ crew at NASCAR on Fox Television put together on a look back at some of the greatest and closest finishes in Daytona 500 history.

It gives you a quick look at just how exciting racing is and what you are missing!

Daytona 500 Greatest Finishes – YouTube Video


NASCAR Races For Family Fun


Enjoy Family Camping Right At The Track

Xfinity NASCAR Series Racing at PIR

An added bonus for those that enjoy camping is you can plan a weekend to the races and camp right out at the track.

How cool is that!

One of our favorite tracks in the United States is in Phoenix Arizona. They offer incredible facilities for camping directly on site.

Such extras as

On Site Safeway Grocery Store

Free Hot Shower Trailers

Free Shuttle Tram Service to the Gate

RV Services and Camping World Store

Free Johnny on the spot toilet facilities

Phoenix Raceway Logo 2020

For more complete details, be sure to check out my post here on Phoenix International Raceway Camping.

A Sea of Campers at the Race Track

Camping at Phoenix Raceway (1)

If you have a unit thats self – contained, then spending a weekend camping at the races is the best! There’s no traffic line ups to deal with, and no early mornings trying to get to the track on time in heavy traffic.

You can come and go to and from the race track at your leisure with your track entrance pass.

Nascar Sprint Cup Series

My wife and I have been traveling to this race track for years from British Columbia, Canada. We’ve enjoyed flying down to Phoenix and staying at area hotels and in most recent years, driving down in our Class C Motor Home and camping out at the track.

I must say, you just can’t beat staying at the track for the weekend race events. It’s so great not having to worry about driving for the entire weekend racing events, having to buy groceries and much more!

NASCAR Racing For The Entire Family

Nascar Truck Series

You bet the whole family will love a weekend at the races! Tickets for most race dates are becoming much more reasonable, and packaged specifically for families in mind.

Unlike attending other major league sporting events where ticket prices are hugely inflated, NASCAR has taken the step to make attending a race affordable for everyone!

U.S. Air Force Display Phoenix Raceway

U.S. Air Force Display Phoenix Raceway

Race tracks are coming up with all kinds of incentives and great deals to encourage people to attend a race at their track. I’ve seen packages offering deals and include;

Race tickets … In-Field Pit Passes … Race Programs … Confection Items

All included in one great price!

NASCAR – Not Just For Fans Of Racing

Getting Set for the Green Flag at Phoenix International Raceway

NASCAR Races For Family Fun

Whats also great is that you certainly do not have to be a race fan like me to enjoy these exciting events. The first time you attend a race, I am sure you will be asking yourself What took me so long?

Attending Race Weekend In Phoenix 2019

Phoenix Raceway Exhibits

Over the years, I have enjoyed introducing and taking various family members and friends to the races for the first time. Most of these folks are your typical devoted football [NFL] and hockey [NHL] fans and thought I was crazy going to stock car races.

Phoenix Raceway NASCAR Race Events

Well, when they arrived and experienced the excitement of premier level stock car racing, they were simply awe inspired!

When you experience 43 high powered race cars traveling inches apart at speeds of over 200 mph, it is simply exhilarating for the first time. Whats even more spectacular is watching night races under the lights, which is becoming more popular at most tracks each year.

The sites and sounds at night are fabulous!

So What Is NASCAR Anyway You Ask

Nascar Racing

Well, NASCAR stands for …

National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing

This organization was founded back in 1948. Today, over 1500 races are held annually at over 100 race tracks all across North America. With this many race times and dates held, stock car racing has become so popular, it is now the largest spectator sporting event in North America.

Today, an average crowd in attendance at a premier race event easily reaches over 150,000.

The overwhelming speed and thundering sounds of those high powered engines, the smells associated with racing, all add to the intense excitement of attending a live race experience!

NASCAR Races For Family Fun

Take along a pair of NASCAR Race Scanners or rent a set at the track and you can enjoy live television broadcasts and listen to your favorite driver talking to his crew members.

What other sport can you think of that allows fans to do that!

Tons of Exciting Things To Do at the Races

Army and Nascar

From Souvenir trailers for your favorite drivers, to a host full of exhibits and entertainment from major sponsors, it’s all at the track to keep you and your family entertained before, during and after the race!

So pick your favorite destination and start planning a race holiday! Premier race events are held from coast to coast, all over the United States and Canada from February to November, so there is sure to be a race weekend event held near you.

Phoenix International Raceway

As mentioned, one of my favorite places to attend a race is at Phoenix International Raceway, located just outside the city of Phoenix, Arizona. This beautiful facility is situated less than one hour from downtown and situatedin a beautifulArizona setting, surrounded by hillsides and cactus.

Most recently, the name had been changed to ISM Raceway. In 2020, it has now returned to what most race fans are familiar with … Phoenix Raceway!

Below, I’ve listed the tracks Official link below to their website. 2020 is a very special season, as they are hosting their first ever Championship Race Weekend!

NASCAR Championship 2020 Phoenix Raceway

We’ve got our tickets for this event ordered and can’t wait for this event in early November 2020!

Update: April 2020

We are all keeping our fingers crossed that all sporting events and life around the world will return to normal very soon, putting this corona virus pandemic behind.

We are all waiting for promising news in the weeks ahead for any updates on NASCAR racing continuing on with the regular season.

Another track we love attending a race event is at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Be sure to check out my recent post, photos and my video of our visit to that track taking in the NHRA Drag Races.

What a thrill that was to see in person for the very first time!

Update February 2021

The 2021 Regular Season is well underway with modifications and with limited fans permitted. Check each track for further developments as the season continues on.

The Best NASCAR Races To Attend

Phoenix International Raceway

Recently, race dates have been included and held outside of the United States. Canada now holds sanctioned events annually and has become extremely popular. As well, races had also taken place in Mexico, which also proved highly successful.

For us Canadians, we have NASCAR Pinty’s Series, premier stock car racing series. It’s our national NASCAR racing series here in Canada.

Each year, I look forward to our annual trek to one of our favorite destinations in the U.S. We have enjoyed the racing experience for many years now and will continue to do so for many more to come. We have planned many family holidays specifically around these special events.

One of our most exciting trips was attending a race held at in world famous Daytona Speedway in Florida State and then setting off on a wonderful Caribbean Cruise holiday afterwards. It is easy to plan and do both, making for a fabulous family vacation!

Driver Introductions – NASCAR Star Driver Jeff Gordon

NASCAR Races For Family Fun

Over the years, our family have attended races while enjoying holidays in

Disney World Florida

Las Vegas Nevada

Phoenix Arizona

Washington State

If you take the time and plan your holidays well in advance, it really is easy to work a race date into your schedule. We have successfully done this for many years now and it has always worked out great, making NASCAR Races For Family Fun a big part of our vacation adventures.

Three Top Premier Leagues In NASCAR

54th Annual Daytona 500

There are three top leagues in NASCAR racing. As of the start of the 2019 season, the series will be known as …

Monster Energy Cup Series


Gander Outdoors Truck Series

To get the latest racing information, schedules, ticket information, locations and much more, be sure to visit NASCAR’s official website. I have added the link to their website below for your convenience.

nascar logo


A great site with all the information you will need to get you on your way to a premier race event. There are countless other minor league NASCAR events as well to choose from around the country, both in Canada and the United States.

So don’t count these guys out either, the racing is exciting!


Greatest NASCAR Races Ever

Exciting Pit Action to Beat Other Cars to the Line

Nascar Racing Pit Action

Upon arrival at the race track, you will be amazed at the attractions and entertainment set up for you and your family to enjoy. There are a host of activities to take part in both before, during and after the races. As mentioned before, these events are specifically organized with families in mind!

Each year things just get better and better for race enthusiasts, making it even more appealing to attend NASCAR races in person, making NASCAR Races For Family Fun a great choice!

Here are just a few of the things that you can do while at the track

purchase your favorite souvenirs from multiple trailers on site

watch live Speed Channel television broadcasts

attend free live stage concerts

enjoy fireworks at many races

check out all the static on site displays, games and so much more.

I’ll See You At The track!

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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