Outdoor Activities In Dubai {Top 5}

Outdoor Activities In Dubai {Top 5}

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Top 5 Best Outdoor Activities & Adventures In Dubai

Dubai is a thriving City in the United Arab Emirates(UAE), known for its incredible 🏙 skyline which includes the tallest building the world – The Burj Khalifa. But thats not all this incredibly lively and innovative city has to offer to both travelers and locals.

There are some exciting {Outdoor Activities in Dubai,} for the entire family to enjoy.

Dubais outdoor activity scene is flourishing, offering exotic adventures for anyone who dares take to the; 🪂 sky, 🏜 desert or 🏖 sea!

Visiting the United Arab Emirates, is definitely on my “Must Travel To” list. This article from my guest post author a few years back, was most welcomed.

Especially, as it had to do with – Outdoor Activities. 😎

Looking At The Best Outdoor Activities In Dubai

Outdoor Activities in Dubai

There is an array of 🏨 beach resorts in Dubai, offering exciting water sports. As well, its unique landscape also allows you to enjoy 🚙 4×4 tours that are sure to get your heart pumping!

In this article we are going to look at just {five exciting outdoor and fun activities,} to enjoy while on vacation to Dubai.

Go Mountain Biking

Outdoor Activities In Dubai #1

Mountain Biking Dubai

Dubais landscape consists of more than just skyscrapers and sand dunes, believe it or not. Local 🚵 mountain bikers are already wise to the rocky slopes the Dubai area has to offer.

The ⛰ Hajar Mountains for example, which run east of the city through Ras al-Khaimah Emirate and Oman, are ideal!

There are a number of challenging trails definitely worth tackling in Dubai, for biking enthusiasts. They offer some very steep climbs and rough terrain, ideal for ⛰ mountain biking.

Hardtail Mountain Biking

An organization of expat ⛰ mountain bikers called; “Hot Cog” helped find seventy kilometers of track around the Showka area, which includes trails, Wadi beds and animal paths.

While riding these tracks, youre sure to be accompanied by a few wild donkeys, mountain goats and lizards along the way.

Its worth noting, that these tracks are not for the faint of heart and would suit advanced 🚵 mountain bikers best. These trails offer a real challenge, even to the more experienced riders.

For novice riders who want to give the sport a go, the “Dubikers” group, would be a more suitable option. They have a variety of rides perfect for new riders, wanting to build their confidence and improve their abilities in this sport.

Guided mountain biking tours are always readily available to book, while in the city.

Go Overnight Camping In The Desert

Outdoor Activities In Dubai #2

Overnight Safari Dubai

There are a variety of 🏕 campsites scattered around Dubai, that provide for the perfect camping experience. But why spend your weekend in a crowded campsite, when you can camp in Dubais desert instead? ❓

Beyond the citys 🌆 bright lights, the desert can be seen as one giant campsite minus the washroom facilities, that is.

Dubai Desert Sunset

Photo by Fabio Partenheimer from Pexels

Shwaib, which can be found off the – Dubai to Hatta road, is a popular spot with locals and tourists alike.

Shwaib is just a couple of hours away from the city and once there, you can set up your 🏕 camp between the sand dunes.

Camping in the desert is an experience like no other. Enjoy a desert BBQ, explore the Wadi beds and mountains by 4×4, experience sand-boarding and gaze upon the millions of brilliant stars at night!

Wondering how you’re going to go camping without having any gear? ❓

Well not to worry, the good news is you have options.

There are companies that lead guided camping safaris and who also rent out equipment to those more adventurous tourists, wanting to spend a night or two under the stars on their own.

Camping under the stars in the the Dubai desert is certainly something not to be missed, for those adventure eco-friendly type travelers.

Experience Wreck Diving

Outdoor Activities In Dubai #3

Wreck Diving in Dubai

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many reefs along Dubais sandy coastline. There are however, a variety of amazing wrecks to 🤿 scuba dive on, that are situated just a few miles offshore.

For instance the ⚓ Anchor Barge, which sank in 1998 and now forms an artificial reef, is 25 meters deep. This wreck dive is a popular hangout for the color-changing cuttlefish.

Also close to this site is the – Mariam Express, a cargo ship that sunk in 2006, making for another exciting ⚓ wreck dive.

If youre looking for more dive adventures, take the 90-minute drive from; Dubai to the Gulf of Oman, just off the Arabian Peninsulas eastern shores.

Many of the area 🏨 hotels and 🏖 beach resorts offer day trip excursions. Perfect for those looking to 🤿 dive in the warmer waters and to experience the abundance of reefs and islands in the Gulf.

The Gulf is a great place for spotting; 🦈 black-tipped sharks, 🐟 parrot fish, 🐢 turtles and much more.

Explore The Many Excellent Hiking Trails

Outdoor Activities In Dubai #4

Hiking in Dubai

Pack your best 👟 walking shoes, its time to explore Dubai by foot!

If youre a big fan of 🚶 walking and hiking, youll be glad to know that its grown in popularity in the area over the last few years.

There are new routes being discovered every year by avid local 🥾 hikers. There’s also many existing routes being developed by a small, but dedicated group of local climbers and adventure operators.

These routes are safe and well maintained, for all levels of hikers!

If youre more into 🧗 climbing, the Hajar Mountains which are 3050 meters high, offer climbers a range of challenges. For the advanced 🧗 climber, there’s the 3000 foot routes up to – ⛰ Jebel Misht.

There are much smaller and shorter climbs as well, making for some excellent climbing adventures to suit most every experience level.

Go Off Roading In The Sand Dunes

Outdoor Activities In Dubai #5

Dune Riding in Dubai

Take to the gravel plains, sand dunes and Wadi beds from the comfort of a 🚙 4×4, in an off-road adventure you will never forget!

There are a number of tourist groups, hotels and beach resorts, who provide visitors with a – day full of stomach-churning dune bashing!

Prepare to hold on tight for an adventure thrill!

Normally lasting a couple of hours, these exciting tours will have you race up and down steep sand dunes, sure to get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping.

You can even take the wheel of a 🚙 4×4 yourself!

Final Thoughts Banner

Sports and outdoor activities are playing a bigger role in Dubai, than ever before. There’s a huge variety of options for most everyone, meaning its the perfect place for active and adventuresome travelers.



Below, I’ve listed the 🏵 Official Dubai Tourism website link for your convenience, where you can find much more detailed information, to help in planning your vacation to the – United Arab Emirates.

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