Singapore Airlines Business Class Flight Review

Singapore Airlines Business Class Flight Review

Post Last Modified – April 22, 2021
A Review Of Our Singapore Airlines Business Class Flight

On our recent vacation, we had the pleasure of flying with and in Singapore Airlines Business Class. This certainly was a special treat for us, enjoying this luxurious type of air travel.

As a retired blue collar worker, ever having the luxury to afford such travel is out of the question. Having used frequent flyer credit cards for many years however, can and did make this journey possible. Below is our Singapore Airlines Business Class Flight Review experience.

Travel like a VIP in Business Class with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Flight – Singapore to Melbourne 777 – 300ER

Singapore Airlines

Our journey had us departing from Singapores Changi Airport (SIN) to Melbourne, Australia (MEL). This was a part of our journey after enjoying a wonderful vacation in Thailand. We wanted to break the trip home, with a stop over in Australia for a few days.

We had never been to Melbourne and were excited about spending 5 nights there, before continuing home to BC Canada.

Singapore Changi Airport

Upon arriving at Changi Airport, we made our way to the Singapore Airlines check in counter.

Of course, there was a special line for Business Class passengers. The Economy Class line was quite busy on our arrival, but we just breezed right through. What a treat, compared to what we are normally used to, usually flying economy class.

Changi Airport Singapore

The ticket agent was very courteous, checked us in quickly and pointed the way to their business class lounge for us to enjoy before our flight.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge at Changi Airport

Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge Changi Airport

Once cleared through airport security screening, we made our way to the airlines exclusive Lounge for business and first class passengers.

I made sure to arrive at the airport well in advance, so we could enjoy this special treatment flying business class!

Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge

After being warmly greeted and checking in to the lounge, we found some comfortable seats to sit back and relax. Their lounge was absolutely huge in size, with ample room to find a nice comfortable spot to enjoy.

Singapore Airlines Changi Business Class Lounge

The choices for dining were like being at an upper class buffet restaurant. The selections and variety to choose from were absolutely amazing and delicious.

Singapore Airlines Changi Business Class Lounge Buffet

It was extremely difficult not to select too much from the wonderful buffet, before beginning our long flight. We knew that our flight offered some wonderful looking dining choices as well.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge Singapore

What a special way to start our long haul business class flight to Melbourne!

Singapore Flight To Melbourne – Tullamarine Airport (MEL)

Singapore Airlines Welcome Aboard

Our flight would be about 7 hours and 30 minutes in length, and the first time I was actually looking forward to a long flight. What a difference flying Business Class can make!

After arriving at the boarding gate, we were one of the first to board the aircraft.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Seating

Our flight attendant greeted us and directed us to our reserved seats. We were immediately greeted with a small glass of champagne. When you arrive at your seat, you will find

Pillow, Blanket, Slippers, Noise Cancelling Headphones, Vanity Kit, Bottled Water and In Flight Menu.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Seats

Our seat could fully recline to a bed by remote control. We also had our own large television screen for viewing.

After take off, we were formally introduced and warmly greeted by our flight attendant who would serve us on board. We were then asked if we would like a drink, along with a snack to start off.

We were wined, dined and offered snacks at any time we wished throughout the flight. You definitely do not go hungry flying with Singapore Airlines! For main meals, you have a choice of choosing from their Japanese or Western Menu.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Menu

Below, is a sample of what our menu choices were, and what to expect for your gourmet entrees with JAL Business Class.

Dining On Board Our Singapore Airlines Business Class Flight

You have a variety of choices from their extensive menu. We started the flight off with a full lunch, which was more like a full dinner! Below, is a sample of what I chose and enjoyed on this flight.

Lunch Menu

Appetiser – Silken Chicken Salad

Silken Chicken Salad

Sliced poached chicken breast and crunchy vegetable and fresh herb slaw with roasted sesame, miso and honey dressing.

Main Entree – Coconut Poached Fish

Coconut Poached Fish

Delicately poached fish with sweet potato, cauliflower and green peas in a rich tomato and coconut garam masala sauce.

Dessert – Dark Chocolate and Ginger Cake

Dark Chocolate Ginger Cake

A decadent cake of bittersweet chocolate, crystallized ginger and fine-grained polenta cake. With citrus-scented rhubarb and creme fraiche.

Coffee / Tea
Enjoy selected wines from around the world when flying Singapore Business Class. Spirits and Specialty Beers, as well as a variety of non-alcoholic beverages to choose from.

Prior to Arrival

Main Course

Reuben Sandwich

Warm Reuben Sandwich
Beef pastrami with sauerkraut, cheddar cheese and grilled vegetables.

In flight snacks and drinks are available at any time throughout your flight.

This flight was an amazing flight experience, arriving in Melbourne well fed and rested. What a complete opposite from traveling in Economy class.

Singapore Airlines staff right from the ticket agents, lounge personnel to our flight attendants, all were extremely friendly. Our flight attendants could not have done enough for us during the entire length of the flight.

Business Class . The Only Way To Fly!


This was our first flight with Singapore Airlines, and what an excellent flight experience it was. I cant imagine what First Class travel would be like after experiencing this high level of service.
We are spoiled forever!

Unfortunately, I cant comment on what a long haul flight in Economy Class would be like, as we have not taken a flight in this class as of yet. If you have done so, your comments would be appreciated below!


Ive always said to my readers, if you love to travel and you use a credit card at home, why not choose one that offers travel incentives. We have used Alaska Airlines Mastercards for years now. We have always had excellent flights with them over the years. A big bonus is they also have numerous Airline partners to choose from.

In fact, these flights were booked with our Alaska Airlines credit card miles earned. It took a number of years to build up the miles, but hey, there was gold at the end of the rainbow! We enjoyed a total of 3 wonderful International Business Class flights with Singapore and Japan Airlines on this trip.

In Canada, we also use a Westjet World Elite Travel Mastercard, gaining points for air travel with them, and a number of other incentives their credit card offers as well.

I’ve also included a very prominent website {The Travel Specialists} and their blog post on Singapore Airlines. Definitely worth a read if you’re thinking of flying with this wonderful airline.

The Travel Specialists Logo

✈   Singapore Airlines Blog

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“Singapore Airlines was the first airline to have satellite communications for passengers, on-demand seatback entertainment screens for economy and first-class suites on board their A380.”


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