Sounds of Silence Dining Experience {Australia}

Sounds of Silence Dining Experience {Australia}

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The Sounds of Silence Dining Experience Under The Stars At Ayers Rock

One of the highlights of our holiday to Australia included a short stay at Ayers Rock in the Australian Outback. While there, we enjoyed a wonderful evening at their renowned Sounds of Silence Dining Experience. This is a very remote destination situated in central Australia.

Here, you can truly feel at one with nature and experience Australias desolate terrain.

The draw to this area and its most popular tourist attraction is; Ayers Rock. It is magical to view, especially at sunrise or sunset. Watching the ever changing colors and shadows appearing on this huge piece of rock in the middle of nowhere, is incredible.

But there are a few other wonderful things to do while visiting this region. One of them is a taking part in a truly memorable dining experience under the stars.

Sun Setting in Ayers Rock

Sun Setting in Ayers Rock

The Amazing Sounds of Silence Dining Buffet

This is a truly unforgettable evening in the outdoors, enjoying beautifully prepared food and entertainment. Unfortunately the skies were cloudy for us, missing out on the stars above. But none the less, it was still a great evening out and an amazing buffet dinner.

The scenery all around you as you dine, and watching the sun setting in the distance is spectacular!

When you arrive, enjoy cocktails and the sounds of the Didgeridoo, while viewing the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the distance. Check out My Short Video showing this amazing Didgeridoo musician playing during our visit.

Be sure to turn your speakers on!

Amazing Sounds Of The Didgeridoo – YouTube Video


An Australian Tourism Hall of Fame Attraction

This is a luxury dining experience in the great outdoors with fresh air and nothing but Silence surrounding you! A truly exquisite buffet dinner, with authentic Australian delicacies. You will experience local delicacies such as;

Lovely desserts

This is not a meat and potatoes cowboy buffet, but one prepared by highly trained executive chefs. This dinner experience is definitely worth including in your travel plans when visiting this part of Australia.

It’s also a great opportunity to sample some of the Australian cuisine that’s prepared to perfection!

Sounds of Silence Dining atAyers Rock

Sounds of Silence Dinner Ayers Rock

Sounds of Silence Dining – Traditional Dance Performance

During your meal, you will be entertained and given an introduction to the Aboriginal culture, with performers dancing in their traditional wear. Your servers are always ensuring that your drinks are never empty and making sure you have everything you need at all times.

A first class meal in a magnificent outdoor setting!

Enjoying a Traditional Australian Buffet

Sounds of Silence Dining Ayers Rock

As soon as the night skies arrive and the sky is filled with sparkling stars, (not our case unfortunately), you will be entertained by a local star talker. He will take you on a journey to the distance planets and galaxies.

Even though the skies were cloudy during our dinner, the talk was very interesting, with the star talker pointing out in the sky where each was situated.

A perfect way to rap the evening while enjoying your dessert and coffee.

One of the Aboriginal Entertainers

Entertainment Ayers Rock Australia

As this is one of the most sought after attractions to take part in, reservations are a must and should be made well in advance. We had our travel agent take care of everything back home months before leaving. I highly recommend you do the same. Be sure to check out my post here on the many 👩   Benefits Of Booking With A Travel Agent.



All though it may seem a little pricey, believe me; it is well worth adding this into your holiday budget. You will not be disappointed!

The food, the service, the drinks and entertainment, make it all a worthwhile and unforgettable experience.

A beautiful meal in a beautiful setting!

Sunset at Ayers Rock Australia

Bog in and have some tucker! (Lets eat!)

For more detailed information on this amazing dining experience, I have included their official website link below for your convenience.

Ayers Rock Resort

✨   Sounds of Silence

Update February 2021

Although it’s been a few years now since we enjoyed this incredible experience, the Sounds of Silence Dinner Experience is still going strong. Be sure to check their website for updated Covid Pandemic information and reservation dates available.

I’ve also listed the Official Australia Tourism Authority link below to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this beautiful Country has to offer.

Tourism Australia logo

🐫   Australia Tourism

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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