Sunwing Airlines Flight Review {Pilot Request}

Sunwing Airlines Flight Review {Pilot Request}

Post Last Modified – April 06, 2021

A Sunwing Airlines Flight Review Regarding aPilot Request

On our recent trip to Cancun Mexico using Sunwing Airlines, a strange thing happened on our flight home, something I had never experienced in all my years of flying. Here’s what occurred and a look at our latest Sunwing Airlines Flight Review.

Now, Im no pilot or have any knowledge of flying whatsoever, but what occurred really drew my attention and curiosity. So much so, that once I returned home, I immediately contacted a family member who is an experienced test pilot in the Armed Forces.

Here’s what happened;

Commercial Pilots

Prior to takeoff from Cancun airport, our flight attendant made an announcement that the captain had issued an order to have 7 people who were in rows 1 thru 10, move back to the rear of the plane for takeoff and the entire flight! Now these front row seats are for those elite passengers who paid an additional fee for extra leg room, baggage allowance, and priority check in and so on.

There was no explanation given for this and all the flight attendant said was that the doors would not be closed until this request was met. Needless to say, those elite passengers were not very happy to say the least!

Safety is Priority One

I would never sacrifice my safety or that of any others for any reason, and after discussing this with a professional airline pilot, from the explanation I received, Im glad the pilot made this decision.

Here’s what he had to say;

I read Robs question about the aircraft weight distribution and although this is rare for commercial airlines to have to move passengers, the Centre of Gravity of the aircraft is critical to maintaining proper aircraft control.

It is computed in detail before every single flight, even on our helicopters. So it is likely that due to the specific passenger seating and baggage load, they had to move the centre of gravity of the aircraft backwards to ensure it was within limits (for adequate control).

This often leads to accidents on small general aviation aircraft when they are either overloaded or the loading puts the Centre of Gravity (CG) out of limits and pilots are not diligent enough or negligent in this regard.

Sunwing Aircraft B737-800

Hats Off to Our Sunwing Pilot

Now after understanding what occurred in more detail, I am thankful our Sunwing pilots were doing their job professionally and with the safety of all passengers as priority one! Indeed, this must be a very rare occurrence, as in all my years of traveling on all sizes of aircraft, this has never occurred and hopefully for good reason and not because of negligence.

So there you have it! Just something of interest to pass on to you here in regards to airline safety, and knowing that for those of us who travel and fly a great deal, we are safe in the hands of professional commercial airline pilots.

Pilots in Cockpit
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Safe and Healthy Travels!

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