The Banana Road – Andrea Montgomery {Book Review}

The Banana Road – Andrea Montgomery {Book Review}

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The Banana Road – Its Tenerife But Not As You Know It

As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Fitness Blogger and avid reader, I recently added a new book reviews segment to my blog. My most recent read is the featured author’s latest publication called; The Banana Road.

First off, if youre not quite familiar with the term Baby Boomers, then be sure to check out my introduction here at Gr8 Travel Tips Homepage. It gives a fun detailed description on just who we Millions of Boomers Around the World are.

The Banana Road – Its Tenerife But Not As You Know It, takes you to the author and her husbands first years and experiences living abroad. The book is followed with another delightful read and continuation, which was written by Andreas husband called: 🐫 Camel Spit & Cork Trees.

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to read and to offer a personal review of both publications.

About The Author Of The Banana Road

The Banana Road Author

Andrea Montgomery and husband Jack Montgomery packed their bags a number of years ago, leaving the United Kingdom starting a new life experience living in the Canary Islands.

Over the years, both began new careers becoming successful travel writers for many travel & airline magazines, as well as contributions to world travel guidebooks.

Both Andrea and Jack are now well known accomplished travel writers. They began their new careers by writing about travel to and unique experiences found in the Canary Islands.

Today, they are now highly regarded successful book & guidebook publishers, with a focus on Slow Travel To Off The Beaten Track locations throughout Europe.

Its Tenerife – But Not As You Know It

Teide National Park Tenerife

How many of us have thought about packing up and escaping the 9 to 5 rat race over the years. Commuting every day to work and dreaming of better things afar.

Well, Andrea and her husband did just that!

They up and decided to escape chaos leaving very successful careers, family and more. They began a new adventure filled life on Spains Canary Island of Tenerife.

Terrace In Tenerife

Not all is peaches and cream though as you will discover turning the pages, as their new life begins in this very foreign sub-tropical country.

Andrea invites you to tag along as they attempt to get settled, survive and experience their misadventures on this foreign tropical island. You can feel their emotions and hardships along the way, as they venture into new careers as travel writers.

Mount Teide View From Tenerife

From going out on a limb and purchasing a home, learning a new foreign language, to getting acquainted with the locals, it’s definitely a life changing adventure for them!

She shares their unique experiences with their interesting neighbors and the islands locals along the way, both good and sometimes not so good.

The Banana Road In Tenerife

The Banana Road Cover

The book’s title – The Banana Road is taken from the authors first home in Tenerife. They literally live along a Banana Grove and alongside a small golf course and driving range on the island.

Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz-Tenerife

Andrea has a gift for adding humor to their often heartbreaking escapades, as they struggle to just survive their first few years on the island.

Their strong will and determination to make a real go of it and be successful on their new venture, will leave you with nothing but praise for the two of them.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts Banner

If you love travel like I do, or have ever considered stepping out of the box and making a new start in a foreign country, this book is a must read!

Their hard work and determination to succeed, definitely pays off over time. The two are now very accomplished travel writers. After 14 years living in the Canary Islands, they are now back in mainland Portugal continuing their travels and writing throughout Europe.

Below, Ive included a link to the authors official blog website for your convenience. As well, you can follow their upcoming adventures and join them on most of the major social media platforms.

Buzz Trips Logo

Buzz Trips

If you’re looking for a secure and easy way to purchase this new book, check out their link to Amazon below!


🍌   Amazon – The Banana Road

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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