The Best Day And Time To Buy Airline Tickets

The Best Day And Time To Buy Airline Tickets

Post Last Modified – June 13, 2021

A Look At The Best Day And Time To Buy Your Airline Tickets

I was watching television the other day and a short segment on travel specials appeared. It was on when the Best Day and Time to Book Airline Tickets was. One of our local high profile travel agents was talkingabout this subject.

Not only is there a best day to buy your tickets, but also a best time of day!It made merealize that a lot of people may not be aware of this, andthought I would pass the information on to you.

Yes, there are Good and Bad days to book your plane tickets.

Choosing the right day can save you a lot of money! First, have a look at this short but informative video from one of my favorite travel experts on ways to save on travel.

6 Ways To Save On Travel – YouTube Video


I already knew that flying on a certain weekday is definitely cheaper than others. But did you know that weekends also can be cheaper?

There’s a great reduction in Business travel on weekends, so airlines will tend to lower their prices to fill seats.

Tuesday Is Still A Good Day To Buy Airline Tickets

Sunwing Airplane

This is especially true if you are booking for domestic travel. That is travel within the same country you are living. Travel experts say that not only isTuesday the best day to book your tickets, but right after midnight as well.

From what we just learned from the video above from a leading travel expert, is that for the absolute best time for cheap tickets, you should …

Call at 12:01 Wednesday Morning!

Call Just After Midnight On Tuesday Evening

air travel

Why should I call after midnight you ask?

Well, seat selection is usually plentiful early in the week, and therefore prices should be at their lowest.

Should you book your tickets online, try to book your flight at least 3 weeks before the date of departure. Our expert suggests you call the airlines rather than book online as well.

Airlines do not always post what is actually available at that time!

Also, a great way to keep informed is by subscribing to your favorite airlines email newsletters.

Stay Informed With Airlines Newsletters

Air Pacific Fiji Poster

Subscribing to newsletters of your choice can be very helpful, and can save you a lot of money when booking any form of travel. Of course, it’s great if you are flexible on travel days.

Many of the major airlines will generally post prices for individual days before and after your selected travel date. This often gives you more choices for specific flight times and substantial price savings as well.

Simply by choosing a different travel date.

Take alook at a couple of your favorite airlines on their website. I am sure you’ll soon discover that Tuesday and Wednesday travelis cheaper than other days of the week.

Saturday banner

Doing further research of websites and airlines, you can get cheaper flights on Saturdays as well at specific times. Other factors to receive reduced fares include; departure times, whether your flight is nonstop, direct or having to make more than one stop.

Below is another recent article published online regarding the best day to book flights.

Don’t Book Flights On Friday

Booking Air Travel


Air Travel Data collected has revealed that weekends offered some best deals for flights. But I also read recently, that airlines are now reducing the number of flights which creates less opportunities for travelers to fill seats, causing you to book as early as possible now.

As the article concludes;


“When you find a bargain, don’t wait – book it!”

Book Red Eye Flights For Cheaper Airline Fares

red eye flights

Are you willing to take a dreaded “red eye” flight? Then you should expect to get cheaper fares when booking tickets. Although not all that pleasant staying up all night, this may be an option when booking air travel only and looking to save dollars.

In many cases, as we just experienced on our visit across seas to Vietnam, you don’t have a choice when to fly if seeking the best airline fare.

Old Hawaii Poster


So the next time you find yourself looking for a flight to 🏝 Waikiki Beach Oahu, Hawaii or any other destination for that matter, be sure to consider the options suggested here for better prices for you and your family.

Air Canada Airplane Ticket

I found this quote from a wholesale airline ticket business online. This business has always offered consistent and reliable travel information.

They also confirm thatTuesday really is a good day to book your airline tickets!

“When should I buy my airline ticket?”

Based on years of complex analysis, FareCompare has the answer …


Book At 3 pm On Tuesdays For Domestic Travel

Generally, the cheapest time to buy airfare is four to six weeks before your departure date, and thats because airlines have no real incentive to offer discounts before that.

So there you have it!

A little advice from some leading travel experts offering a few suggestions on ways to save money when purchasing airline tickets. Just a little food for thought the next time you find yourselfsearching for the best deals when purchasing tickets for air travel.

Final Thoughts Banner

If you are flexible on travel, then be sure to give Google Flight Alerts a try. It’s easy to use and will notify you if a preferred flight you would like drops in price. I’ve used it a couple of times now and receive an email alert if there is a drop in price.

Pretty Cool!

Here’s how to set Google Flight alerts;

✔ Go to –;
✔ Enter Your Travel Information;
✔ Enter your travel details into Google Flights (number of passengers, origin airport, destination airport);
✔ Choose Your Dates. Enter your travel dates;
✔ Click the Track Prices Toggle;
✔ Click View All;
✔ View the Flights You’re Tracking;
✔ Monitor Your Email.

Still not convinced?

Check out the farecompare website post below for their recommendations. FareCompares travel search engine monitor airline ticket prices of all of the major airlines.

farecompare logo

farecompare – Cheapest Days to Fly

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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