The Best Luxury Travel Pillows {St Genve}

The Best Luxury Travel Pillows {St Genve}

Post Last Modified – January 04, 2022

Luxurious Down Pillows For Travel

After traveling to many different countries around the world over the years and with our journey to India approaching, I was determined not to leave home again without a quality travel sized pillow.

As luck had it, I discovered one of The Best Luxury Travel Pillows made in 🍁 Canada from St Geneve.

How many times have you been traveling and when you arrive or even during your travels, have cursed at yourself for not bringing a comfy compact pillow from home with you?

I know I have, and more times then I care to remember! 😒

So before heading on our 7 week adventure to India, my search began for the perfect travel pillow.

I wanted one that was comfortable, compact and would take very little space in my bag. One that I could easily stuff in my carry on or checked 🧳 baggage for all my upcoming travels.

I also wanted a pillow I could easily 🚿 wash at any time as well.

Well, it didnt take me long to find the perfect match and select St. Genves Exclusive Travel Pillow!

Quality Travel Pillows by St Genve


St Genve started as a small 🍁 Canadian family business over 4 decades ago, by its creator Michael de la Place who began producing patterns and design features.

Today, the company is well known around the 🌎 globe as a distinct manufacturer of luxury 🛏 bed linens and quality down products.

St Genve is well established in the international marketplace as a prominent leader in design, quality and trust.

Quality has always been our primary objective.

As a Proud Member of the Down Association of Canada, St Genve has always been active in many of its initiatives. Mr. de la Place is currently the longest standing president with the Association.

When a business has been around for this many years, you know they offer something special to the consumer.

Travel In Comfort With The Best Travel Pillows On The Market


The company developed their unique Travel Pillow and Duvet (quilt), with the sole purpose of allowing you to take the comfort of home wherever you go.

There standard pillow is 16 x 20 and because of the down filling, easily folds up into its small carry bag that is included when you purchase one of their pillows.

They purposely designed the pillow for placing on top of some of those horrible 🏨 hotel pillows, that one too often encounters when traveling.

Or you can use alone, as I prefer to do. 💤

Best Travel Pillows For Allergies

travel daunlon pillow packaging

These luxurious travel pillows come complete with a pillow case in solid sateen (a strong cotton fabric constructed in satin weave and having a lustrous face), available in ivory or white color.

Both the pillowcase and pillow can be easily machine washed and dried. As well, the cover of the pillow is made of dust mite proof pure 100% cotton.

Select Your Favorite Down Pillow


You can choose from:

✔ White Goose Down;

✔ Duck Down;

✔ Down and Feather.

“The types of down we use have tremendous insulating power which is maintained by their high loft, density and clinging ability. These properties make the most luxurious down products because they are warm and lightweight.”


When we received our travel pillows at our door for the first time, they looked absolutely fantastic!

They were exactly what were looking for, and we couldn’t wait to try them out on our upcoming travels throughout India!

We will be riding many overnight trains, taking an overnight Camel Safaris in the desert and staying at many home stay properties for a truly unique India experience!

I am sure these pillows are going to be a godsend for my son and I during our 7 weeks of travel!


Final Thoughts Banner

Update January 2022

We’ve had our pillows now for a few seasons, and we never travel without them. They are superb!

No more nasty pillows to deal with when traveling and worrying about what the pillows will be like in our hotel rooms!

If you are looking for a quality travel pillow, then look no further than St Genve.

Below, I have added the link to their official website for your convenience. You can access much more detailed information on their complete line of products, where to buy and so much more.

They offer 🆓 Free Shipping to most locations across Canada on orders of $100 or more.


St Genve

Check out their blog as well for additional product updates and more!

St Genve Blog

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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Although we were in receipt of these beautiful travel pillows in collaboration with St Genve, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.
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