Tips For Better Sleep While Traveling

Tips For Better Sleep While Traveling

Post Last Modified – May 18, 2022

6 Helpful Tips For Better Sleep Traveling – Laws Of Sleep

I am sure for most of us, getting a good restful sleep while away from home can be extremely difficult.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important, especially so when ✈ traveling. For 💼 business travelers, a restful sleep is even more important.

Below, is a closer look at the – 💤 Laws of Sleep, and a few tips for getting better sleep while traveling.

There are many factors that can affect our slumber and experts say, if we try to follow the 💤 Six Laws of Sleep, we can improve our quality of sack time most anywhere.

The Laws of Sleep & Getting Better Sleep Traveling

Better Sleep While Traveling

Experts in this field recommend – 😴 seven to eight hours of sleep in a perfect world, but at least 30% of the general population suffer from lack of rest, to downright insomnia! 🙁

Let’s have a quick look at these proposed laws of sleep and how we can put them into use while traveling away from home.

Law of Cycles…

Tips For Better Sleep While Traveling

Our bodies adjust to regular sleep cycles within our biological ⏰ clock. We are creatures of habit and we are used to resting in the dark, and typically at the same time each day.

Try to keep as close to a normal 🛌 bed time schedule, as you possibly can!

When shifting time zones, do all your best to adapt to that 🕑 time zone right away. Avoid naps and do your best to sleep in a quiet and dark room, or as close to the environment you are used to at home.

Law of Relaxation…

celebrity sleeping on plane

Relaxation will definitely aid in your rest period. As well, avoid things that will prevent you from sleep such as…

Exercise close to sleep time;

Biological Alarm Clock

Alcohol can also play a major roll in sleep disruption, depending on the amount consumed and sugar content added.

So, it’s always best to try to avoid 🍺 alcohol before sleeping, especially when traveling.

Law of Connections…

Tips For Better Sleep

Keep your bed away from home for just that, sleeping!

Your mind and body connects your bedroom with sleep. If this is not possible, then try to follow the steps listed above.

When you become relaxed, comfortable and drowsy feeling, then lights out! 💡

Your body is actually telling you – it is time to sleep. 😴

Law of Comfort…

woman sleeping

This certainly is something the majority of us would definitely consider as – obvious. We need to be comfortable in order to doze.

So unless you can put yourself in as comfortable environment as possible, your chances of getting a good night’s slumber are greatly reduced.

Also, try to avoid large 🍔 meals shortly before trying to sleep. 🍻 Alcohol and a full stomach filled with ingredients that could keep you awake and alert, should obviously be avoided.

Law of Effects…

Restful Sleep

All these things mentioned above can add up to a lack of sleep or even insomnia. It could be just that one thing, or many that can keep you awake when traveling, away from the comforts of home.

By following a few of these guidelines, your chances should improve greatly for a restful sleep, in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Law of Non – Resistance…

Sleepless When Traveling

Sleeping is something we can’t normally control, but we can make the conditions better to improve our chances of falling asleep easier.

The more you try to 🥊 fight it, the less chance you will have of sleeping!

Final Thoughts Banner

Below, I’ve listed a ⛓ link to ⚕ JOHNS HOPKINS Medicine website and their article on – 🧭 6 Tips For Better Sleep When You Travel.

Just a few more tips on helping you sleep, when away from the comfort of your home and traveling.

🛌   Tips For Better Sleep When You Travel


Safe and Healthy Travels!

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