Travel Pet Peeves {Most Annoying Top 10 List }

Travel Pet Peeves {Most Annoying Top 10 List }

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A Few of The Most Annoying Travel Pet Peeves

I recently came across a short travel article the other day about complaints people had while traveling. There were some amazing comments about what annoy people most and what were some of their biggest Travel Pet Peeves.It got me thinking about the topic and what I’ve experienced over the years traveling to different parts of the world, and some of the things that have annoyedme the most.

So just for fun, I decided to create a Top 10 list of my own travel personal pet peeves. Maybe some of these will be yours as well! First, check out this a short video on a few travel annoyances and comments by a travel expert.

The Buzz: Air Travel Pet Peeves YouTube Video


Travel Pet Peeves Making The Top Ten List

Rude Customer Service Employees

Travel Pet Peeves # 1


Funny Rude People ClipartThis without a doubt is the one thing that angers me the most, and which I experienced once again on our most recent travels.


My wife and I were dealing with an airline ticket agent at an internationalairport when checking in for our flight. We stepped up to the check in counter and said hello to the agent. Not only did the ticket agent not respond, this person didn’t even look up at us as I handed over our travel documents.

Travel Pet Peeves

Without a lie, we stood at the counter for at least 20 minutes while this airline agent tried to sort out our flight reservation, without saying a word. It was obvious there was some sort of computer problems, as this person eventually had to ask for help from another agent.

After at least 25 minutes, I finally asked what the problem was and this person mumbled something which both of us couldn’t understand.

This individual is a customer service agent for a major airline, but definitely had no social skills or even cared about its customers and/or the job either!

Pulling On The Back Of Your Airplane Seat

Travel Pet Peeves # 2

Airplane Seat

Boy do I get peeved when someone grabs the back of my airplane seat behind me, to either get up or sit down! Just when Im relaxing and about to nod off, the person behind me grabs on the top of my seat, without having any regard for who may be sitting there as they begin to grab and tug on it!

Did you know that there is ✈ airplane travel etiquette and that this behavior actually falls under that category as something one should definitely avoid doing?

Well there is!

Helpful Tips Banner

Be mindful of others when traveling in an airplane and do try to follow some simple rules of etiquette. A little common sense and courtesy goes a long way!

As well, if you are traveling in economy class, you already know seating is tight, so try to be mindful of how far back you recline your seat. Remember, the further back you recline, the less room that person who is seated behind you has.

Be sure to check out my previous post here on the 🍁 Reclining Economy Airplane Seats.It is and always has been a very hot debate.

Overhead Airplane Baggage Bin Hogging

Travel Pet Peeves # 3

Skyservice Airlines

How many times have you arrived at your assigned airplane seat to find your overhead bin full? Why does this happen so often and nothing is done about it?

Well, first off, more and more people are now bringing their carryon- luggage on board the aircraft with them.

Large Airplane Cabin

This is because most major airlines now charge a feefor your checked baggage. I cant blame people for doing so, as I do the same in order to save money and time, plus not having to wait at the baggage carousels forever at airport arrivals.

The sad thing is that many people simply hog the overhead bins and put their belongings anywhere they choose, without being mindful of others. These people are simply inconsiderate of others and only care about themselves.

Flight attendants do try to monitor this but it is extremely difficult to do, if not impossible.

Urinating On Toilet Seats

Travel Pet Peeves # 4

Rude People

What on earth are people thinking!

Do people actually do this at home? Perhaps they just do this on purpose to tick people like me off!

Whether it’s a restroom in an airplane, hotel, restaurant or any other public place, nothing ticks me off more than having to wipe off a toilet seat because some yahoo decided to urinate on it. My word, what is the world coming to!

I am sure their mothers taught them differently.

Smoking in Crowded Places

Travel Pet Peeves # 5

no-smoking sign

Yes, smoking is still allowed in many parts of the world in public places. As a matter of fact, on our most recent 🌴 Family Holidays to Thailand, we were seated in one of our favorite, butvery small and crowded restaurants.

It was hot and humid, typical of Thailand with little air circulating in the restaurant on this evening.

Travel Pet Peeves Smoking

A group of tourists seated next to us had just finished their meal when ours arrived. No fewer than six of them immediately lit up without any regard for others enjoying their meal around them.

Well everyone became extremely annoyed and started looking over at them. They simply laughed and offered us and other patrons a cigarette. Yikes!

There really should be school credit courses offered to educate these morons on common courtesy!

People Who Butt In Line

Travel Pet Peeves # 6

Annoying and Rude People

How many times have you waited in line to board an airplane, bus, train or any other place that requires you to line up, and people just start making their own lines up front. Do people really think no one is seeing them or if they don’t look no one will notice?

I recall waiting in line recently to board an aircraft and instead of going forward, I was actually moving backwards getting further and further behind.

I finally gave up, sat down and waited until everyone had boarded the plane. Guess what happened next? My overhead bin on the airplane was full and I had to check my carry-onluggage with the flight attendant who placed it – somewhere!

When they call for specific rows to board the aircraft, are they just kidding and hoping people will listen?

Grumpy Complainers

Travel Pet Peeves # 7

Disneys Grumpy Dwarf

Is traveling, especially for those on vacation not supposed to be a relaxing enjoyable experience? Discovering and visiting a different part of the world unlike what you are accustomed to at home? Then why do so many people on holidays expect to be treated and served like they normally would be at home?

I cannot believe how people can treat others so rudely when they are away and visiting foreign countries. One really has to use a great deal of common sense and discretion when treating the people whose country they are visitors in.

There are many circumstances that arise that what may be normal for some, is not for others in different parts of the world. It is important to recognize this, exercise some patience and act accordingly.

If you are traveling to a foreign country, it does pay to read about the local customs of the people and what you may or may not expect when visiting.

Pool Lounge Chair Hogging

Travel Pet Peeves # 8

Lounge Chair Hogs

This one seems to be a world – wide problem, one that I have even written an article on called 🏊 Pool Chair Etiquette. People are actually having physical altercations with others about hogging pool lounge chairs. Pool chair hogging occurs at those nice vacation resorts, on cruise ships and other places where pool lounge chairs are used and abused!

I am sure we are all guilty of putting our towels, books, shoes or whatever on that favorite pool lounge chair. Well this is fine, after all, you are on holidays and have come to relax and enjoy yourself. Its those people that reserve chairs and never use them for hours on end!

pool lounge chairs

How inconsiderate of others especially if chairs are at a premium and you only reserve the chair for your towel and book to sit on. Shame on you! If you placed items on the chair, make sure you come back within the hour to use it.

As they say – “Use it or Lose it!”

Purchasing Meals On Flights

Travel Pet Peeves # 9

Thai Air International

On one of our past economy flights with Thai Airlines a few seasons ago, I was amazed by the level of service and what we received on our flight. It was like returning to the days of old when you received hot meals, hot towels, snacks and alcohol beverages all included in your economy class ticket.

Well, you still can with ✈ Thai Airlines.

Flying with this airline has resulted in my Number 9 pet peeve;

Why do we have to purchase crummy meals on our already expensive flights?

Flying economy with most other major airlines is now like buying a Greyhound bus ticket! Now you’re lucky to receive a little packet of pretzels with your soft drink, but dont be surprised if that disappears as well!

Those Early Morning Flights

Travel Pet Peeves # 10

Flying over the Canadian Rockies

Early Morning Flights

You’ve booked that fabulous all inclusive family vacation to some beautiful tropical resort for a time to rest and relax. But why do they make the flights so darn early, making you have to get up at 3 am to catch that 7 am flight?

Just a little pet peeve of mine, when after been up for many hours to catch thatflight and about an hour before, you watch the flight crew saunter in looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Not that I don’t love going on vacation but sometimes the flight times are outrageous!


Classic American Autos In Cuba

My wife and I returned from a wonderful vacation to Cuba on an all inclusive vacation. Our flight home back to Canada was at 3 am! Check out time at the hotel of course was at noon.

Luckily, we were able to store our bags and use the hotel facilities for the afternoon and evening, but this made for an extremely long day and evening without a room.


There you have it. My top ten list of travel pet peeves. What are your worst pet peeves when traveling? Let others know in the Comment section at the bottom of this post.



Just received my latest email addition of 📰 etalktravel news and they had a list of Flight Attendants Worst Pet Peeves I thought would be worth sharing with you.

Try to remember these the next time you fly the friendly skies!

Flight Crew Pet Peeves

From poking and grabbing themas they walk down the isle for attention, to handing them their dirty tissues, to getting up and using the washroom at meal times, what are these people thinking?

Flight Attendants Pet Peeves

Photo by Jeffrey Paa Kwesi Opare from Pexels

Their job is tough enough serving grumpy people inside aconfined spaceat 30,000 feet! Be sure to check out my most recent post on Life As A Flight Attendant. I had a Q&A session with some actual flight attendants who are also travel bloggers. You can find the link to this post below.

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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