Travel Postcards {From Around The World}

Travel Postcards {From Around The World}

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Travel Postcards From Around The World – Old & New

I read an interesting article in our local newspaper a while back in the travel section. It was on how Postcards Tell A Personal Story. It really hit home, as Ive always collected Travel Postcards From Around The World, and we still do today.

When traveling to new destinations, we always like to mail a postcard to ourselves and to close family members. Who doesnt like receiving a travel postcard in the mail from a friend or family member. Its so personal and a great keepsake!

For us, its just a little souvenir from our travels with a picture and unique postmarked stamp included.

Travel Postcards For Memories That Last A Lifetime


Ive collected various postcards from travels I was lucky enough to experience as a young boy. Ive included a few in this post from my first International travels to Hawaii from Canada.

They are so cool to look back on today, recalling memorable travels years ago!

My wife and I started mailing postcards to ourselves back in the late 1980s. Its fun to read what we wrote on the back to ourselves about our adventures, along with some of the neat looking postmarked stamps as well.

Digital Cameras & Cellphones For Travel


Today, the majority of us who are not professional photographers, travel with our compact digital cameras and/or cellphones for storing or sending out our photos.

But how many of us actually take the time to prepare a photo album from our digital images, or even have any printed for a keepsake to look back at years down the road?

I would venture to say – not many of us.

Pisa Italy Postcard

Have you ever lost precious images taken with your cellphone or digital camera? Well, I know we have in the past, not knowing how they just disappeared when you went searching for them or transferred them onto your new phone.

We have stacks of old photo albums saved over the years, that were taken before the digital camera and cellphone age. They are so neat to drag out ever so often and share with others and take a stroll down memory lane.

Many of our postcards are included in these albums as well. 📖 

Send A Postcard & Print Your Favorite Travel Memories

Vintage Daytona Beach Postcard

Why not give it a try the next time youre traveling to a new exciting destination. Send yourself and someone close to you a postcard. Take the time and actually personalize a postcard for you and that special person in your life.

If you send someone a postcard, especially one who loves to travel, chances are theyll send you one too!

Visit The Local Post Office


Visit the local post office if you can, and engage in conversation with the locals. Youll be surprised how interested they are to know where youre from, sparking at times a wonderful conversation!

I always make a point to ask locals where their favorite restaurant is, for example.

Years later, when you look back at your postcards and printed photographs, youll be so glad you took the time and effort to do so!

Final Thoughts Banner

Postcards are making a come back, which is great to see. Its a way for you to tell a brief personal story of your exciting adventure. So do yourself a favor and send a postcard or two on your next journey!

Be sure to check back often, as I will be updating this post regularly with various other travel postcards from my collection and from others. If you have a postcard you would like toshare here, just Contact Me and send it over with a short paragraph!

Did You Know

“The Very First Correspondence Style Postcard Was Sent In Germany On July 16, 1870 By Bookseller August Schwarz.”
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