Ultimate Yacht Day Guide For London (Infographic)

Ultimate Yacht Day Guide For London (Infographic)

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Discovering London By Yacht

London is a destination on so many peoples bucket lists and with very good reason. Its one of those rare capital cities that manages to be charming, fascinating, historical and modern all at once.

No matter your interests, the sights and sounds of London town draw people in year after year!

Yacht Day Guide For London – The River Thames

London Eye Ferris Wheel

Rain or sunshine, the appeal of the British capital is arguably connected to the waterway that helped build the empire: the River Thames.

Not only is the River Thames the longest river system in the United Kingdom, its been central to trade and transport in the region since Roman times.

The ancient significance of the river is only magnified in the 21st century and anyone planning a trip to London whether as a first-time visitor or someone returning to explore even more of this great city will wind up spending a lot of time around the Thames.

This is why discovering London by yacht is such a must-do for anyone visiting the city. Nearly every major landmark in the city is located directly on the Thames or within a short walk of its banks.

Yacht Day Guide For London

Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS from Pexels

Furthermore, unlike many cities, when you spend a full day out on the River Thames sailing from destination to destination, you can also unwind and truly soak up every moment.

Its incredibly rare while travelling to feel relaxed while in transit but its almost as if London was made to be discovered from the water.

Read on for just a few ideas for a morning, afternoon and evening itinerary plus a helpful planning infographic shared by sailing experts London Yacht Hire.

So, pip pip, London is calling!

Ultimate Yacht Day Guide For London (Infographic)

Your Yacht Day Guide For London Along The River Thames

Even with its infamously fickle weather and its northern latitude, London rarely gets bitterly cold and its known to get properly, albeit not consistently, hot in the summer months.

With a raincoat (or a mac if youre picking up the local vernacular) and good shoes plus clothes that suit you for a day of sightseeing, youll be totally comfortable for a full day of dawn til late wandering!

Here are some ideas for how to plan out the three key parts of the day:


Big Ben London England

Photo by Nikita Khandelwal from Pexels

London is rightly famous for its bountiful (and splendid) gardens that you can easily access from a wharf or quay. Nearly all the gardens will have their own special history and are usually community spaces as well.

In the cool of the morning as the city is waking up, you can sail between gardens before relishing a mid-morning cup of tea.

From here, its essential to visit the Westminster area for a huge number of unmissable sights including;

Big Ben
The Palace of Westminster
Buckingham Palace
Kensington Palace
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Bridge

Midday & Afternoon

Borough Market

Sail further east from Westminster and stop along the Southwark area for more history. Pop into the celebrated foodie paradise Borough Market and collect a smorgasbord of delights to enjoy back on the yacht.

This market was established in 1756 and is steeped in the history of London both past and present. Back on the yacht with food in hand, sail on and stop in at some of the citys best museums.

From Cutty Sark in Maritime Greenwich to the Tower of London, you have easy access to an infinite number of Must-See spots.


Yacht Day Guide For London

Photo by Pierre Blach from Pexels

As the day closes in, make sure youve got an unforgettable location chosen for sunset.

Fortunately, youve got so many exquisite vantages you can easily access from the Thames.

Our top picks are the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park, the Thames Barrier, or at Millennium Bridge.

There is just as much to see when the stars come out including a show at the West End, seeing the city from the London Eye, indulging on a gastronomic walking tour, or taking in a game at Wembley or a concert at the O2.

Even though a full day is unlikely to be enough, youll still have experienced so much with the freedom of a yacht and sailing in the tradition of this seafaring nation.

Get Set To Plan Your London Sailing Itinerary

For a comprehensively curated selection of ideas for a visit to London and a dream day in the city, the full graphic guide above is designed to be a practical resource for when youre travelling in the UK.

Check it out and heres to an adventure in London town!

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