uncommongoods For Unique Gifts {Artisan Crafts}

uncommongoods For Unique Gifts {Artisan Crafts}

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Choose uncommongoods For Unique Artisan Created Gifts Online

I received a welcoming email a short while ago regarding an invitation to promote a very reputable online and catalogue retailer known as uncommongoods. This company has been successfully operating since 1999 based in the United States. This sparked an interest and I decided to take a closer look at what they had to offer.

Was I impressed with their huge array of unique and unusual personalized gifts they offered for sale.

Great Reasons To Shop Online At uncommongoods

uncommongoods online shopping

The company was founded by one man by the name of Dave Bolotsky back in 1999 after attending a craft sale event. With the internet just starting to boom, he realized after attending the show, that there really was no place that existed for specialty artisan crafters.

A place where they could easily and affordably display their wares. Without having to travel and attend craft shows and such, would be a huge advantage and personal savings to them as well.

After years of struggle, commitment and very hard work, the company has become a huge success and model for other online sales companies. Their motto;

We focused on delivering a well-edited assortment of unique pieces, combined with excellent customer service and an easy shopping experience,


You can read more about his road to success on an article written exclusively for Forbes. Read the Forbes article about the founder of uncommongoods and his long road to success. The rest is history and the company continues to be an online success story.

They have grown to a whopping 200 plus employees working year round!

uncommongoods Featuring Creative Gift Ideas

uncommongoods gift selections

What I really liked about their business platform is they allow artisans from all over the world to display and sell their wares online, conveniently and securely with a professional and very reputable company. It affords them the opportunity to expose themselves on a global scale, opening doors for them that would not normally exist.

After searching through their impressive website, I was delighted at what I was seeing and very happy to promote their business on my Travel Blog. What also put the icing on the cake for me, was they have formed relationships with non-profit organizations through Better to Give.

This is a program uncommon goods created that allows their customers to choose a partner for them to donate $1 to with every order received.

I was also very happy to see a specific travel category with some very unique gifts and travel related items available for purchase.

uncommongoods Offering An Assortment Of Unique Categories

uncommongoods shopping categories

The website is excellent, easy to navigate and offering numerous specific categories to select from. Choose a category tab of interest to you on the top of their home page, and that will provide a huge drop down categorized menu of specific items to select from.

Main tabs to choose from include;

gifts – fun – home – kitchen & bar – art – jewelry – women – men – kids – sale -this just in

You can spend hours just browsing through their amazing assortment of unique items to choose from.

A Sample Of Unique Items Available To Purchase At uncommongoods

uncommongoods shopping

Having the opportunity to be chosen to promote their business, I was able to select 3 items of my choice to preview on my blog. I was looking for unique items, good for travel, and also 2 of the 3 selected products chosen, were made from artisans from around the world.

Heres a sneak peak at what I selected and what you can expect to find at uncommongoods.

Earth and Beyond Bracelets

storyoftheearth bracelet

Handmade by women artisans in Guatemala, each bohemian-inspired bracelet offers a subtle nod to our planets.

These bracelets caught my eye on their website immediately and I loved the fact that women in rural Guatemalan villages could display their crafts globally, all to assist and improve their overall way of life in Guatemala.

I have always liked the looks of Bohemian style clothing and crafts, so this item was a no brainer for me. Its also an item thats suitable for both men and women. This homemade craft includes a set of 10 attractive and colorful bracelets which signify our planets, including our Earth, Sun and more.



Read the full story behind Earth and Beyond Bracelets at uncommongoods very own blog.

uncommongoods blog logo

🌎   Celestial Style Bracelets

GO ANYWHERE Hammock Hanging Straps

GO ANYWHERE Hammock Hanging Straps

This was another very unique item offered for sale and handmade as well. We recently purchased a couple of hammocks while on our 🚌 Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour last season, and these straps were just what we were looking for.

The straps are distributed by Yellow Leaf Hammocks. A company that started by offering 100% hand-woven hammocks made by the Mlabri Tribe in Thailand. The Hammock Straps I selected are handmade by artisans in Thailand.

Each set supports Yellow Leaf Hammocks efforts to build economic opportunities for women in impoverished communities.

Yellow Leaf Hammock Pouch

The straps come complete with a handy pouch, which is great for traveling!

These two items I have listed above, are just a couple of the many artisan crafts available for sale at uncommongoods. I always enjoy supporting those less fortunate and businesses around the world, who assist in improving their overall quality of life.

Adventurer Multi-Tool Clip Watch

Adventurer Multi Tool Watch

This item also immediately caught my attention and thought would be perfect as a gift for the outdoor enthusiast, and for myself as well. The superior quality of and uniqueness of this multi-tool watch really impressed me.

This item was inspired and designed by a gentleman named Marty Cooper. He is an outdoorsman and one who enjoys designing new products. His family has owned this very well known watch company since 1945. The company is still in business today and the watch is a part of this cool item.

Dakota Multi Tool Watch

Heres what you will find included in this handy tool watch;

Quartz movement device;
Bottle opener;
Stainless steel case;
Water resistant to 30 meters
Aluminum cobra clip clasp.

What a perfect all in one product, ideal for travel and especially for those hikers and backpackers. I only wish I had this during our 7 weeks traveling throughout India with our backpacks. The carabiner style clip is ideal for clipping the device on your person or to your backpack, etc.

A great gift idea for men and women who love the outdoors!

I was honored to be chosen by uncommongoods to have the opportunity to feature their business and promote a few of their amazing products they have available for sale. Their website is outstanding, customer support is readily available, and you can feel confident that you are shopping online safely and securely always.

Below, I have added a link to their official website for your convenience. Check them out when you get a chance. Im sure youll be glad you did like I was!

uncommongoods brand logo

🌎   uncommongoods

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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Although this post and gifts were in collaboration with uncommongoods, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.
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