Vaccinations Before Traveling Abroad {Guide}

Vaccinations Before Traveling Abroad {Guide}

Post Last Modified – May 18, 2021

Important Vaccinations You May Require Before Traveling Abroad

Getting those important travel vaccinations before traveling abroad, is perhaps the most common thing overlooked many travelers. I feel this subject is so important that it is worth writing about.

Unless you are a well seasoned traveler, this is something that not everyone thinks about when making their travel preparations.

This post is a simple reminder to be sure your travel vaccinations are complete, before heading off on your vacation abroad.

First, have a look at this informative video. It outlines some reasons why you should protect yourself with certain travel medications, before leaving on your holidays.

Vaccinations Before Traveling Abroad – YouTube Video


Travel Vaccinations Do Vary According To The Country You Are Visiting

Travel ImmunizationsHow long you will be away and what you will be exposed to while traveling makes a big difference! As well, it’s important to know what travel vaccinations you have had previously.

There are certain vaccinations for travel that are recommended when visiting specific countries and others that are required in order to enter that country.

I have included a couple of very good websites that provide travel health information, for any country in the world you may be visiting. These include;

🍁   CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

🍁   Vancouver Coastal Health Clinic

Two excellent websites to visit for complete information on this subject.

The Most Common Travel Vaccinations

travel shots

Here is a short list of typical travel vaccines that are recommended for safe guarding you and your family from illness.

✔ Tetanus/Diphtheria recommended for everyone.

✔ Typhoid recommended for those visiting foreign countries and not staying at all-inclusive resorts.

✔ Polio recommended for travel to Africa and Southeast Asia.

✔ Hepatitis A recommended for foreign travel and Europe.

✔ Hepatitis B recommended for extended travel in developing countries.

✔ Meningococcus recommended for travel to developing countries.

✔ Malaria – this is not a travel shot but a medication taken orally.

✔ Rabies recommended for extended travel where rabies is common.


International Travel ImmunizationsI have also put togethera short list of a few travel immunizations that may be required and where proof may be needed for visa application purposes;


Meningococcal disease
Yellow fever
Hepatitis B
Measles, mumps, rubella
Tetanus and diphtheria


As you can see, the list can be extensive depending on where you are traveling to and for how long.

If you are traveling with other family members, it is best to know well before hand what is recommended.

This, so everyone has time to get their travel shots that may be needed for your selected travel destination.

Depending On The Travel Vaccinations Required – The Cost Can Be Expensive

travel vaccines

It is very important that you contact your family physician or a local travel medicine clinic to arrange for the necessary vaccinations for travel.This should be done at least …

2 to 3 Months Before Leaving Home


Your doctor and/or the travel clinic will advise you of the vaccines necessary for you and your family members. Perhaps you’re traveling to one of those fabulous 🛳 all inclusive family vacations to the Caribbean, or perhaps taking a foreign cruise holiday.

It’s important to check beforehand if travel shots are needed to ensure to stay healthy.

Please make sure you know that you and your family will be protected at all times when vacationing!

Remember, there are travel vaccines that are typically routine, recommended or even required.

Come home healthy and happy!

Shots For Safe Travel

Final Thoughts Banner

In closing, travel shots are a very important safe guard against disease while traveling. This is certainly not a guarantee against contracting an illness while traveling. It does however, reduce the risk greatly for contracting an illness that may be a risk for the country you are visiting.

Below are just a couple of important tips to help keep you and your family healthy on your vacation.

✔ Wash and/or sanitize your hands always before eating.

✔ Be careful of what you drink and eat.

Our family have always carried a small travel bottle of reliable hand sanitizer with us where ever we go and still do today!

🌊 Where did that water in your glass come from?
🥘 How was the food prepared that you are about to eat?

These are just a few tips to think about while away, to help safe guard against disease and illness.

Here is a nice helpful🍲 Food Guide travel information pamphlet that you can download and print for your convenience.

Traveling is exciting and fun! With a few precautions taken prior to travel, you can minimize the health risk greatly when traveling to foreign destinations.

As well, I’ve listed the link to the Government of Canada Travel Vaccinations page. An excellent resource for all travelers, not just Canadians on reviewing Vaccinations Before Traveling Abroad.

Government of Canada logo

🍁 Travel Health & Safety – Travel Vaccinations


Covid-19 Travel Update

COVID-19 TRAVEL update

Many concerns have been raised regarding your travel insurance coverage relating to the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s vital that you understand and review the small print on your travel insurance well before travel.

Many airlines, vacation packages, cruises and so on, have recently introduced Covid-19 travel protection. This is great, but as one travel expert recently stated: you still have to be clear on exactly what that coverage includes.

Travel Advisory

For example, your local government may have a travel advisory in place for your chosen destination warning against all but essential travel. This could very well exclude your coverage.

Strict travel advisories are now in effect throughout the world. I am sure as the covid-19 vaccine becomes more readily available, it will become mandatory for those wishing to travel abroad in the future. Stay tuned!

Above all, be safe and stay safe always. Let’s all work together and be rid of this horrible virus circulating the globe as quickly as possible.

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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