Varadero Cuba Travel Tips {First Time Travelers}

Varadero Cuba Travel Tips {First Time Travelers}

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Handy Travel Tips For First Time Travelers To Varadero Cuba

Having returned from an amazing vacation to Varadero – Cuba a few seasons ago, I thought I would put together a short list of helpful tips and suggestions that we discovered while away.

I always like to make note of a few tips and tricks that others have passed on prior to traveling to a new destination, so I thought I would do them same for you.

Varadero Cuba Travel Tips


Arriving By Air To Varadero Airport

Varadero Airport

The majority of travelers to Cuba for a vacation, will be arriving by air into ✈ Varadero’s Juan Gualberto Gmez Airport.

Prior to arrival and during your flight, cabin crew will hand out 🗒 tourist cards to each individual.

These must be filled out (with no mistakes) on both portions of the card!

Varadero Airport Buses

Upon your arrival to Varadero Airport and as you enter the Customs and Immigration Booth, the 🛃 customs officer will keep one portion of the tourist card and hand you the other.

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Dont lose your other half of your tourist card!

You will need to hand this back as you proceed through customs at the airport, when returning home. Keep it safe along with your passport during your time in Cuba.

Then head outside after retrieving your 🧳 baggage to your awaiting hotel bus transfers, taxis or other transportation arrangements if arranged.

Money Exchange At The Varadero Airport

varadero airport money exchange


As you proceed outside after retrieving your luggage, there is a government money exchange booth open for your convenience.

Here you can exchange most visitor home currency for the 💵 Cuban Convertible Peso.

Exchange rates seem very common at most places that are available in the country. 🏨 Hotels, CADECAs (national currency exchange booths) are available at numerous locations along the Varadero strip as well.

🏧 ATM machines can be found at banks and popular tourist areas, but beware of the service charges expected when using this service.

We simply brought an expected amount of cash with us to exchange when in the country. Our hotel room had a 🔒 secure safe for our passports, cash and other valuables.

Varadero Airport Cadeca Money Exchange


Cuban law states that you are not allowed to take any Cuban Currency out of the country with you. But, no one really cares or checks to see if you are.

However, if you find you have too much left over, then it’s best to exchange your pesos back at the airport.

Once you pass through 🛂 security and immigration, make your way upstairs to the waiting area and gates. Here, you will find shops and a small 💰 Cadeca money exchange booth.

This booth is supposed to be open for all outgoing flights. It was in fact open for our very late/early departure at 3 am.

Dual Voltage For Charging Your Electronic Devices In Varadero

Charging Electronic Devices

Even though I carry a small travel adaptor when traveling out of North America at all times, Cuba has 🔌 dual voltage for the most part in the hotels.

Voltage is 110/220 and in our hotel room, there was a switch that you would slide on the receptacle to the appropriate voltage.

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As Im always concerned about low voltage spikes, power surges and so on, we have a really nifty solar/ac charging device that I like to use to charge our 📱 cell phone and tablet with.

There are all kinds of charging sticks available on the market these days to use, instead of 🔌 plugging your devices directly into the receptacle.

This prevents any unexpected disaster from happening and ruining your devices, leaving you without when traveling.

Wifi Internet Service In Cuba

Cuba Internet Card Front

In many hotels in Varadero, you need to purchase 1 hour Wi-Fi access cards. A small inconvenience, but its only 1 cuc (Cuban Convertible Peso) for an hour. During our stay, you could only buy one hour cards.

At our hotel, wi-fi could only be accessed in a few of the public common areas. The lobby, main pool, bar and so on.

Im sure each and every hotel is different, depending on the star rating and included amenities.

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There is a section on the back of these cards that you have to scratch, to access your pin number that is needed when signing in to access wi-fi.

These cards are very cheap, as explained by our hotel staff. So I recommend getting a staff member that sells you the cards, to scratch it for you.

They know what theyre doing!

Cuba Internet Card Back

Many visitors ruined their cards trying to scratch the code with a coin or finger nail, including myself.

Not a big deal, but it will cost you 1 cuc! (Cuban Convertible Peso)

Purchasing Cuban Rum – Cigars and Coffee

Havana Club Rum Sign

Prices are pretty much set all over for these two items. We didnt see much of a difference in price in all the stores we entered.

I believe prices for these items are regulated by the government. Be warned though when purchasing cigars from unofficial shops.

For those who wish to purchase fresh Cuban Cigars, be sure to check out my post on 🚬 Cuban Cigar Scams, to make sure you are buying authentic cigars.

Varadero Hop On and Hop Off Double Decker Bus Service

Varadero Hop On Hop Off Bus

Theres a great way to go up down the Varadero Hotel Strip and its their 🚍 Hop On / Hop Off Double Decker bus. It runs throughout the day starting at 9 am and finishes around 5 pm.

Its an excellent and affordable way to see and get to shops, attractions and other hotels all along the Varadero Strip.

We made stops at the shopping plaza, marina and the markets along the strip. We found it quite relaxing to go up top, sit back, relax and enjoy the breeze and scenery on the route.

The cost is only 💵 $5 cuc for the entire day.

Cant beat that!

Final Varadero Travel Tips Notes

Cuba Classic Autos

In wrapping up here with a just a couple of more suggestions;

🌅 Pack enough sunscreen with you for your vacation. As with most places weve traveled to over the years, sunscreen is very pricey at your destination.

🍩 Pack snacks for the plane, taking long tours and so on. We always pack granola bars, peanuts, etc. with us wherever we go, and boy there have been many times that we were glad we did!

Cuban Mojito Cocktails

🍹 For a refreshing drink with alcohol, do try their official Cuban cocktail Mojito. Its refreshing and is mixed with real mint! The main ingredients include; white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and real mint.

Made properly by an experienced bartender, its delicious!

💰 For those staying at all inclusive resorts, I do recommend tipping staff that treat you well. They work very hard for very little, and a small gratuity goes a long way!

Be sure to check out my post on 🍹 Tipping On Inclusive Vacations for a closer look on this subject.

🥜 If you love 🥜 peanut butter, you better pack some with you. Its pretty much non existent where weve stayed and eaten in Cuba on our two trips to the country.

Cuban Classic Car Ride

Above all, enjoy the country, the people and your vacation!

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I have also listed a very helpful Cuba Tourist Board website below, where you can access some excellent travel information, tips and much more for those visiting Cuba for the first time.

gocuba logo

🏝   Gocuba

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“There Is A Beautiful Statue Of Legendary Beatle’s John Lennon In Havana Cuba’s John Lennon Park.”


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