Women Of India Photograph {Travel Memories}

Women Of India Photograph {Travel Memories}

Post Last Modified – March 16, 2021

A Travel Photograph From India

A presentation of our families personal photographs taken during our travel adventures around the world.

This time we head to historic city of Jaisalmer, India!

Traditional Dress Of The Women of India

Women of India Photograph

My son captured this photo of beautifully dressed women of India. These women were selling their jewelry just outside the gates of Old Jaisalmer Fort. We actually had the pleasure of staying right inside the Fort for a few days.

What a wonderful memorable experience it was! The views were incredible, especially watching the sunset each evening over this magical city.

jaisalmer fort sign

Jaisalmer Fort is one of the largest fully preserved fortified cities in the world. Many people still have their homes and businesses inside the Fort walls. This massive Fort was built back in 1156 and mostly of sandstone.

During our stay in Jaisalmer, we embarked on an overnight desert Camel safari, where we experienced camping under the stars on the desert sand. It was just one of the many amazing experiences we enjoyed while traveling throughout India. Be sure to check out my post and photos on our 🐫 Jaisalmer Camel Safari.

If you’re traveling to India and especially around the Golden Triangle, then you simply must make a point of spending some time in the historical city of Jaisalmer.

For more detailed information on Jaisalmer, I have listed the official website link below to Tourism Rajasthan for your convenience.

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“Jaisalmer Is Named After Maharaj Rawal Jaisal, Who Later Built The Incredible Jaisalmer Fort – One Of India’s Most Popular Heritage Sites.”


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